Book Review: The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Geometry Girls by Tom Durwood

If you think Geometry is all about numbers and shapes and recognizing them for using in construction, analyzing, prediction, or applying the theories to unveil the historical secrets or solving the intriguing patterns for social and human benefits, well then you must pick up this book of Geometry Girls written by Tom, a British author who is a history teacher.

I will not say that stories are lucid sober and simple that comes to you invariably, rather it pricks the intellectual level of readers. The book is at general level for history fictional readers, and secondly it is should be for the higher grade school students who often change the course of their higher education after being failed understanding the concepts of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and integers – overall math and its sub fields. This book is more than enough to instigate a spark of imagination and interest in the students.

Another point which is left behind, here I would like to bring to the notice is that it fosters women/girl empowerment. Girls serve better as detectives over sly men. Just five stories, I personally liked first four but the last one blew over my mind. Though I read it twice. After each story, Tom has given his notes and relevance of the subject so that it comes easy on reading. If students find it hard, they can tell their teachers to accompany them in reading session. I am confident that students familiar with recurring concepts will find stories easy on nerves. It’s a brilliant effort by Tom for spreading love for maths and geometry and their allied concepts by utilizing a powerful tool: fiction.

If you liked the review and got curious about the book, please go ahead and buy the book from Amazon Kindle.

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