Book Review: The Superflare by Andrew G. Berger

Set in 2051, shortly afterward characters are introduced a solar storm hit the earth, making its advanced technology useless. But by it the most affected folks are teenagers and orphans like Julia and Bian who live in a clean city where nature is negligible and everything is systematized by robot army managed by Tron: the dangerous AI man. How will people of cities look and behave with one another in a world that is as barren as desert, devoid of all basic amenities. Will they find solace and food in the world that is soon going to be overruled by oppressive forces and merciless barbarism?

In a stunning futuristic dystopian backdrop, The Superflare by Andrew G. Berger is going to stay with you for long than you could imagine. I pinpoint that the length of the novel is way maximum as the struggle for survival for all groups bind up the readers from all sides. It could have been shorter to make it a more fast and ferocious read. Yet stories of dystopian societies are different, the world that they dwell in first gets calamity, maybe natural or mismanaged by humans. Even in Andrew’s dystopian society, classes are marked, people are divided as city people, outsider, catchers, robbers, robots, etc. Ironically, all classes run for their survival plans which ultimately lead to savagery and chaos that cannot be sorted until a miracle surprises them.

Andrew’s backing on the future of AI-related technology that could write its own code is fascinating. That is the human surpassing element. Richard got it, but he was banished, only to be hunted by the people who wronged his forebode. Andrew assumed a future not so good for humans with AI, and on its scaffold he constructed a riveting fantasy science fiction with love, friendship, redemption, nationalism, and compassion going in as sub themes. The human aspirations to keep itself alive and abreast is captured with stokes of brilliance.

Overall, a well-balanced story with quite a number of plausible climaxes. A note also to Andrew Berger’s exceptional writing style, also extremely engrossing! He has a rare quality that can bring both tear and smile on your face with a single sentence. And leave you either spellbound or restless for more with a few lines. Definitely an author to look forward to! I’d recommend this book if you fans of dystopian society stories. Loving…and recommending it. Go for it, guys!

If you liked the review and got curious about the story, kindly pick it up from Amazon/Kindle.

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