Book Review: A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan

Ever since the corona pandemic hit the world, my spiritual sense has been uplifted. Earlier I was not paying any substantial attention to spiritual aspect that is associated with our life. So, as someone finding meaning to my existence, I picked up ‘A Higher Conversation’ by Neil David Chan. It is a non-fictional spiritual book. But I found this book more inclined towards humanity and its allied compassion.

In this book, the author presents his journey of becoming a Highly Evolved Being (HEB). The author takes up a conversation with his soul. Often people speak to themselves, but they might be talking to their heart or mind or someone imagined person but talking to soul is kind of unheard. The book insists that we human beings just believe in mind and body in the Euclidean way, as we are conditioned that way. We don’t know that soul also exists. We tend to ignore it. Body is physical but mind and soul are metaphysical. However, we ignore the idea of metaphysical one and excessively use body and mind in the physical form. If you read the book, you will get what I mean to say in a deeper way.

The book is about three aspects – body, mind, and soul. The author brings a gamut of topics and explains them taking this trio. The book lays emphasis on understanding the value and place of soul in solving most of our problems in life. The book starts after a heartfelt introduction about our life and existence. As I read and moves ahead, I found that the author tries to tackle globe’s befuddling situations like racism, prejudice, separation at a wider level with respect to many things, villain and victim cycle.

Overall, the book is different in spirituality and I would urge all to read it slowly or read it twice to get under its skin for complete coverage. You can be a better human being by reading this book and grasping its full content. Indeed the book promotes peace and teaches us to be a complete human that is neither shallow nor void. Neil’s explanation to value the form of life is at par with his writing skills. His narration at both places is not only captivating but also superb. He writes with his heart out and conveys the message with sheer profundity. He is a readable writer with some amazing content in the spiritual genre. I conclude this review by giving 4.5 out of 5.

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Book Review: The Winter Song by Saurav Dutt

The Winter Song by Saurav Dutt is a fictional tale of one man who takes up the journey across the Spiti Valley of the Himalayans to honour the love of his dead wife. This novel advances slowly. It is for mature readers. It opens up one’s mind to see important things in life when we are left with no choice or are fully secluded by the wrath of God.

There are many life lessons, spiritual substance, and moral keys which I cannot describe fully in one review. People that have been reckless and careless to life and their loved ones should definitely peek into this book. The biggest achievement of this novel is to make the lead character John Perera realize that he was not up to the mark when he was going staunchly for the sake of his principles. He felt wasted in his life…more due to untimely death of his vagabond son and his wife Asima succumbs to cancer. The loss of family members jolts him so tumultuously that he takes a sabbatical from his teaching job and sets himself on a spiritual journey.

The broader side of the story is about John’s journey from Shimla to the Spiti Valley. He has to walk for days to cover 90 miles. But that is for his wife whom he promised to do something big when she was alive.  Along the way, as the journey starts, the man begins finding answers about various aspects of life. For instance, he meets first a man suffering from cancer. John felt the love for death through that old man. He leaves him dead in his cottage and moves on.  As he keeps meeting others, his perceptions about life gets optimum light. The biggest shock was that he failed as a husband and father.

The story seems straight but gets too much interruption in the form of sweeps, back stories, memories of his family members. At one time, I felt as the story got into crime thriller. John looked absolutely determined to dredge up the case of his son Jimmy, who died getting involved into drug and allied crimes. The novel shuttles a lot between various timelines. It is a slow burn. Part spiritual and part fictional memoir. I realize the power of the novel when I kept it away for some days. It is one such novel that keeps coming back to you. Saurav Dutt is a complete and fine author. His writing style is absorbing and lean.

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Book Review: Ten X Murders for the Mind by Amitav Ganguly

Wow!! Ten X Murders for the Mind is my first Amitav Ganguly book. Indeed a wonderful book on murder mysteries. I was hooked by its cover – it conveyed what could lie inside the book. It was simple yet engaging. Overall, the book is a fast read, though it has 10 stories, running over 300 pages. What I noticed that all stories’ length is almost equal. In fact, all stories are lengthy and sound like a short novella that I often read on Kindle.

The author has maintained a fixed kind of pattern for storytelling. He used sweeps and back stories very rarely. The stories chug ahead with amazing twists and turns, keeping the predictability at bay. In most of the stories, the crime takes place at the beginning. Thus, making ground for the Inspector Samsher Brahma. He is the lead character in all stories. All murders and crimes are solved by him and his team. All stories are Indian.

It is a collection of murder mystery stories. Each story is different from its previous theme and characters. However, the guy solving these mysteries is Inspector Samsher Brahma of the Homicide Squad. Thus, I can conclude that the stories are set against one particular city. But it never occurred to me that. I always felt the difference in all aspects. Or possibly, the author didn’t open himself with nature or city workarounds, he kept many things secret and silenced. It was done to instill a sense of suspense in each story.   

Some stories are spiced since the beginning, while a few takes time midway, and some of the stories sound totally unpredictable but the end clears the fog from everything. There is discipline and dedication in the book. Nothing is random or ill planned. Mr Ganguly shines with his brilliant narration of crime events and then unfolds them on the basis of logic and evidences. At any point, none of the stories sounded ‘open and shut’ cases, however as the investigation proceeds it reveals more secrets than one could possibly think.

By all means, the author did his best to keep the identity of the killer hidden. A fantastic crime thriller! To some extent, a classic book with good stuff and all. I will read more books by the same author!

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Book Review: Productivity Promoter by Dax Bamania

I have worked with many organizations in different capacities for over 10 years. I have noticed that people, management, leaders, and project managers – all remain obsessed about productivity. The growth and revenue of any business are dependent on their employees’ productivity. The more they hammer, the more is company’s benefit. But productivity is not any random entity which can be built overnight. It is needs a proper channelization.

Also I found according to my experience, every company followed some protocols and strategies to follow up with the pace of the productivity. At some places it was cool and good at implementation, while at many places it was another name for chaos. So, with reference to that time, now I remember the value of books like ‘Productivity Promoter’ by Dax Bamania. Had they came across any such books, it could have saved their time. A stitch in time saves nine.

I read this book in two days with proper note making. Around 118 pages, with 8 chapters that all start with P letter, such as precise purpose, patience, persistence and so on, it makes up for much of the content that the world is looking out. The objective of the book is to enhance productivity globally. And it seems that it has achieved that in its pure limelight. I liked various tips and case studies the book presents like 5 s of business journey, and right mind to strategy, to 4 PoP, etc. My personal favourite chapter in the book is about Patience. I read it twice to grasp all the contents.  I also liked quotes given in between by famous personalities. Dax leveraged a lot from famous figures of the world. The book is not only useful but also inspiring and motivational in its nature.

Overall, a pleasant management sort of read. The book is for all from individual blogger to tech startups to manufacturing units. The book is forwarded by many leading personalities including the CM of Gujarat.

Dax Bamania is a seasoned entrepreneur; he also heads a consulting firm that prepares leaders for tomorrow. The book is full of take-aways. I cannot give all in one review, so I better urge you to read this book and keep it safe for timely reference. Other than its genre, it is a great reference book too. Such books should be released from time to time to update people on productivity-related concepts and ideologies. A must have book for all office libraries across the globe.

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Book Review: Glint of Broken Lights by Deepak Rathna Muniraju

One of my blogger friends recommended this book of short stories to me. I picked it up on Kindle and began my journey of reading. As I was inside the book, the first story’s brilliance and voice pulled me unexpectedly. It was so wonderfully written and narrated that I felt as I am there with the lead guy when he is playing melody of the music. However, later on, I was thrilled to discover that the melody he was producing will help him finding his lost love and he will die to meet his lover forever. To start the collection, I think it was quite impressive and impactful.

Some of the stories are too lengthy and sound like a novella. In fact, the author can convert them into novella and rerelease on KDP. I am sure he is going to get good response for that. Stories like Leher, Anokha, Gul, and Bardo were terrific and purely justified their stance in the book. My personal favourite story is about Aatma Ram who narrates some good stories about human karma like desire, pride, greed, etc.

If there are 10 stories, I think I liked 7. The book offers a gamut of reading experience because the stories range from different genres. From history to realism to stark reality to folklore – all has been wrapped up nicely.

Without giving much, I can only say that the book is a nice read for any given day. The author has great flair for writing and he used a good selection of words and language usage that keeps the reading simple yet engaging. With only 135 pages, there is a lot that one can gain by reading this book. I not only liked the book but also appreciated for its sheer purity of imagination. Kudos to the author! I rate this book 4 out of 5.

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