Book Review: The Unexpected Trial by Nisha B Thakur

I chanced upon this book on Kindle free books read. The Unexpected Trial by Nisha B Thakur is a flowy and lucid read. It is a story of Tanvi and Raj, who are in relationship for over 8 years. As they plan to marry, their wedding preparations take a back seat when an actress' husband is found dead in Tanvi's kitchen. The novel has more of inside feeling and hate insights of characters than the normal police procedural.

Book Review: Selling from Your Comfort Zone by Stacey Hall

Selling from Your Comfort Zone by Stacey Hall is an inspiring and motivational book for boosting sales without losing on core values and going out of comfort zone. Stacey introduces Alignment marketing formula that is about (Alignment + Belief × Consistency = Sales, Satisfaction, and Success). After reading this book, I have begun valuing my sales profile. She made sales look very easy. This is the best sales boosting book I ever stumbled upon in my life.