Book Review: Bloody Dreams by Gopinath Lakshmanan

Bloody Dreams by Gopinath Lakshmanan certainly feels like a masterpiece that studies the pain and feelings of women from two sides. How men treat women in love and relationship and marriage is justified equally with both characters: Rajeev and Rajee. Same person but with different gender. At times the story is emotional. Rajee's characterization and depiction of womanly feelings says a lot about their day to day life in homes. With that bloody dreams climax the story sounds implausible at certain places.

Book Review: Added Sugars – The Slow Poison by Srividya

Sugars do no good to anyone. Though sugar/sweets are socially acceptable, yet it causes mortal damage to body organs like liver, mind, insulin receptors, etc. The book Added Sugars – The Slow Poison by Srividya pinpoints the harmful side effects on our life. The book is A to Z about added sugars that are manufactured by mixing chemicals. Read on to know your take on added sugars that are almost omnipresent in all of your processed food that is either canned or packed.