Book Review:  The Mystery of the Phoenix by Jigisha Singh

The Mystery of the Phoenix by Jigisha Singh is a fairytale filled with imagination that fits into my school category. There is a proper school and students that learn higher forms of magic that wizards need to learn to live a good life. As the novel chugs ahead, it binds the readers with mystery of phoenix and ruby on a snake that can cure anyone. It is like a treasure, after elves, not it is wizards that can use it but it needs to be identified first by the superpower of Iris, the lead character. A fast-paced good fantasy thriller.

Book Review: Operation SOS by Viraj Singh Rathore

What world's leading astronauts couldn't do was done superbly by a team of Indian Army people: Veer, Vikram, Arjun, and Raghav. Operation SOS by Viraj Singh Rathore narrates the tale of those four Army Men that acts as astronauts cum warrior in the space to destroy an asteroid which was becoming a fatal threat to billions of people on earth. Breathtaking narration and master story building, pick it up any random day and you will love its multi-layered subplots.