Book Review: The Melody Lies in Between by By Meee

The Melody Lies in Between lets you immerse in the beauty and power of words. May you feel random at words the author goes zigzag with its emotive experience of the world. Catch up with your lost dreams and the habit of raising hope amid all sorts of dark clouds. The style of poetry is real, free, like I see on social media handles. Indeed a lot of poetry ways has been changed, this collection is a reminder of our changing times. You can celebrate this poetry book with poets' integral role in our culture. Some of the poems were long like narrative, but it worked for me.

Book Review: In a Time of Fools by Kelly Unger

In a Time of Fools by Kelly Unger features Lena and Aakash, two young college students in Madison. They fall and grow in love blindly only to be separated by their cultural differences. The stroke of cultural differences is a heavy blow on Aakash, being only male child and caught in family crises - he either has the love of Lena or to go with his family responsibilities. The conflict arises between moral choices and love. Who will choose what? Kelly's eloquent narration is icing on the cake, a story as powerful as incredible, will sway your heart.