Book Review: Decoded by Sheeba Sojanar

Decoded by Sheeba Sojanar is a novel about an autistic child who comes to earth from a different planet ‘Trappists’. She decodes many aspects of life while living with two families and stumbling upon a few more people. She found people of earth heading towards destruction due to no self-honesty and indulging into treachery and false pretences for their own interests and benefits.

Book Review: One Summer in Poleru by Nanda Rajanala

One Summer in Poleru by Nanda Rajanala is a full-fledged crime thriller novel with exposing some dark side of human nature that is greed for money and land. Yes, the base of the story is based on demolishing an old rural school in Poleru village. The backdrop of the story is fascinating to observe and get under its feel. It is unhurried, laid back, rustic yet forward when it came to save the school. The lead character Renu and some of her friends contemplate cavalierly to save the school by launching a simple protest but it transcends its own set periphery and converts the novel in a fine murder mystery as well. As lovely as promising it looked, this novel will sure raise your hopes in the Indian literature revival.

Book Review: Three Men in SeA by Ashok Yeshurun Masillamami

Three Men in SeA by Ashok Yeshurun Masillamami is a blend of of travel experiences, historical revisits, personal stories, and imbibes a few more themes. It is a clubbed up book with a lot of information and historical data. Three men: The author Ashok and his two friends Terry and Gerald travel through five Southeast Asian countries namely Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.