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Book Review: What is the Demand of Time by Arijit Chakraborty

What is the Demand of Time by Arijit Chakraborty is a perfect self-help book on various aspects of demands in our lives. The book holds seven important chapters, the first chapter lists out the various sorts of demands that we see in our lives and how we understand and respond to each one. Next, the following chapters try to decipher the meaning of various demands and how one can conquer them to lead a happy and successful and valuable life. However, I noticed that the book is full of examples from the medical field and author’s personal encounters. For this reason, the book is easy to read and taste for medical professionals, but for laymen–it will take time to settle down. No doubt the book is entertaining while doling out significant information but somehow it seemed one-sided and falling back on medical terms.

So, I would suggest you to read this book twice to savour all of its relevance. The USP of the book is that it is interconnected and progressive and the author tried to simplify things by laying out charts, maps, quotes, and so on.

Creativity, Practicality, being Proactive, Richness, Knowledge and Fearlessness are the major takeaways from the book. It teaches us to learn many things…but I doubt myself. Would I be able to learn so many things from one book?

From all factors the author insisted much on creativity, I think the following paragraph sums the essence quite perfectly:

“The mind works best when it is blank and then you can consciously feed information. Then it generates ideas connecting emotion to that and this becomes a starting point of creativity.”

It is 98 pages but reads like a lengthy book. Content was good but it could have been more simplified. Writing is good and the book is truly a gem if read comfortably and in leisure.

Book Review: Grow Rich Selling Groceries by Pradeep Cp

Starting a business, running it systematically, and reaping profits is not an easy game. Setting up a successful business is a distant dream for many, yet it is feasible. The book by Pradeep Cp, Grow Rich Selling Groceries (published by BookMedia) is a niche-oriented business management book. This 88-something page book depicts as how someone can start a profitable grocery business, be it brick and mortar store or selling online through apps or websites.

Not only for new merchants but also those who struggling in this field to make profits can learn many valuable lessons from this book. The book will guide you as how you can start a retail grocery-inclined business anywhere in the world. How you can manage the stock and decide on the pricing and set SOP for all? In fact, I am short of words; there is everything that you look forward for your business.

This book solves problems, gives solution, along with consultation. Many people do not know where to start a grocery business – they may be running pell-mell to find a perfect location or godown…right? Worry not you can learn how to set up, how to set price, how to design racks, how to get software for GST and other billing, how to make SOPs for all, how to monitor, how to reduce dump and damage, and most importantly how to cut on cost so as to make higher margins of profit. From A to Z – you can think of related to business – it has all.

Without saying much, I can assure that once you pick up this book, you will be rich with knowledge and will get clear ideas as how you can start your business online and offline. The author has put in his knowledge and years of experience so that millions of readers across the world can make the most from this book. For sure, it is a book that can help in business. Getting a book that teaches someone how to be successful in a specific business is rare nowadays. If you are looking for a healthy business idea, it’s a must read book. From language to vocabulary, all is simple to understand. There are tables and worksheets for better understanding. In a nutshell, there is so much guidance in the book.

Book Review: Arya’s Hunting Ground by Arvind Narsima

I am an avid thriller reader! Of late, I have begun romancing with Indian authors, and so far loved the books by Kochery C Shibu, Manoj Sharm, and now Mr. Narsima. Published by BookMedia, Arya’s Hunting Ground is my first book from the author Arvind Narsima. And people told me to pick up The Chosen One and The Aravan Head too. For sure I will do, they are on my TBR.

As we all know that since some time say 2012 our country has been witnessing horrific soul-shattering rape cases. Now it is Hathras one. Mr. Narsima has written this book to show his tribute to the rape victims in our country and interestingly he introduced Arya, a powerful Policing character. If we get someone as strong as Arya, I am sure rape crimes will diminish totally. But the problem is most of the politicians are involved in crimes for their own benefits.

This novel is around 400 pages. I accept it is a lengthy read but at the same time it gives immense thrill when I reach beyond the general crime cases. The story is about Arya. He is a CBCID officer in Chennai Police. Earlier he was based in Mumbai and North India (Ghaziabad). He lost his girlfriend to criminals. Thus, he hates rapists and people torturing women.

In Chennai and Puducherry crime is pervading and the worst victims are girls and women other than innocent men. Crime masters like Bullet Baskar and Jaya Akka work like mafias. They take order of bank robbery, murders, and crimes for money. In one such tale, a famous singer Jeyanth is found murdered in his house. His wife Ananya is the prime suspect. Beside his father-in-law Aadhi Kesavan is a politician. He knows the inside story, so he tries to close the case but it is rather handed to the cop Arya. He defies all protocols and strives ahead to solve it. Well, before he could understand anything, three more people are being murdered. And in Puducherry, a small girl of a financer is brutally raped and murdered and thrown in mire.

One after another, characters make entry, and the story all of sudden begins sounding off track and too big to understand. But I didn’t lose my patience, I keep reading and a time came when I became familiar with all and got the major point in this crime suspense novel.

What is the rivalry between Aadhi Kesavan and Prabhakar Reddy? Who are the murders behind that small girl? Who are Rudra Guru and Sagar and how are they related? Will Arya find his final criminals or do we need to wait for a sequel? Will Arya and Shivani get along with each other – or is it another dead end for them?

I tell you there are many questions that may begin rummaging in your mind when you reach midway. That’s the way it should have been? Right? An engaging crime thriller with a strong cast of characters. I loved the novel till its last page. For murder mystery and crime thriller fans, this is a treat. I found it as I am reading a Sidney Sheldon book. Strong characters make this novel a class apart from others. Highly recommended!

Book Review: Dear Mr Bachchan by Saurav Dutt

Slum and Bollywood is a lethal combination that sparks buzz. Just by reading the blurb, I was transported to that time when Slumdog Millionaire was my favourite movie. I loved the concept more than the implementation. I have huge fascination to watch or read about someone rising from rags to riches. This novel was bang on my expectations. As I thought out, it turned out exactly. 

The comparison between the movie Slumdog Millionaire and Mr Bachchan may not run for longer. One was the movie, based on a novel, and this one recently arrived on similar lines. I am aware both are way different but the grim portrayal of life in slums is common in both. In this story, the lead character is a twelve-year-old boy who wants to go higher in life by watching movies of his famous actor (idol) Amitabh Bachchan.

He finds Mr Bachchan so magical that he tries all routes to meet him. For instance, he writes letters, tries to grab attention during the Sunday meet-ups, but one day the opportunity comes knocking at his home when his uncle Abhishek is called to Mr Bachchan’s house to receive a letter of a loan waiver. The loan waiver and the sad situation of farmers in the country acts as a catalytic element in the novel.

Vikram is emotionally attached to Mr Bachchan. He feels sorry for him when his elder brother shames people on the sets of Mr Bachchan. The small boy cares for his idol – he wanted to know whether Mr Bachchan forgiven him or not. The first part is about finding the ways to connect with Mr Bachchan. Once that happens, in the second part, some events cause guilt in Vikram. Now he seeks forgiveness from his idol. The novel takes a drastic turn and wounds up and down with emotions.

It was filled with humour and heartbreak to notice how that child reacted and moved ahead in life after meeting his idol, Mr. Bachchan. If you want to know the inside story where a slum boy connects with Big B, please read it either on Kindle or in Paperback. And one thing is sure, you will not get bored, rather you will find yourself inspired and full of hope. It’s a great novel with so much to learn about life from the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan.

The story moves at a measured pace and nothing seemed carried out in haste. However, at times I got confused with the farmer events. I had trouble knowing whether that farmer guy Abhishek was from Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra. Full of quirky wit, heartbreak, hope, and high spirit, the novel is worth a read for the Bollywood and the Big B fans.

Book Review: They’ll Post Anything These Days by Kunal Sadana

An interesting book! I read such posts on Facebook quite often, and once there was a time when I would every alternate day express my grief, sorrow, voice, etc. on my timeline to get attention and response of the people in my ambience.  Well, posting anything on social media is like unloading the burden and saying one’s heart out. So, this book by Kunal Sadana is not a tough book but a collection of social posts of the author himself that he posted from 2008 to 2019. I loved all posts except a few ones that I found were going beyond my comprehension. This book is a fun in itself to read and note the posts to use on FB groups or WhatsApp status.

The author lamented and commented on many topics and events quite subtly – that ranged from national to international. Keeping so many posts collated for such a long time, is a great feat in the first place. I often go through this book many a time in the day to delve deep into a world of past events and memories. Some of the posts evoked my emotions, in fact I had the same feelings for some of the events, such as democracy, smoking, turning 30 in life and much more. Short and brilliant read!

This is for all:


“The world would be a better place with more travelers and less arrivers.”


“The fact that a lot of people don’t get what they want makes for great literature.”

Liked these snippets, buy the book from Amazon/Kindle.

Happy reading! Happy social media posting!