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Book Review: Rage of the Immortals by Kanika

Rage of the Immortals by Kanika is a different-level fantasy thriller, where every character and setting is a product of sheer imagination. Among all types of fantasy novels, at the first opportunity my heart goes for thrillers! I am into too much reading of fantasy thrillers just because of one reason: it gives another-world feeling.

Kanika’s fantasy thriller ‘Rage of the Immortals’ is about war between two worlds ruled by demons and magical people, existence of humans is negligible, yet the character like Kara plays a vital role in their wars. The novel is packed with many characters and promises action and thrill till the very last page.

The way the author leveraged simple language with short chapters is worth praising and it makes the novel fast-paced. If one loves transportation to other time and worlds, war of demons and werewolves, dark influences, the working of magic, vivid characters, well then this novel is a must pick.

As soon as I got introduced with the team of Cifer, I grew excited about the story and wanted to finish it as soon as possible.  Among all characters, Kara was my favourite and of course she gained my sympathy. Overall, the novel is way good for its genre and it is full of subplots that inevitably present unexpected twists and turns.

In fact, be it a main or auxiliary characters, they do not forget to amuse you. Die-hard fans of fantasy thrillers may get a feel of watching any good Hollywood movie based on similar themes.

I took time to read the novel but it was worth my time and money on Kindle. Kanika has stitched a perfect sort of fantasy thrillers with so many intriguing and complex set of characters. Everything sets well in the realm of this novel. The readers may go excited at times but they need to suppress their pulse and finish the book with patience to get the most out of it. 

Final verdict: An amazing fantasy thriller. I would rate it as 4.6 out of 5.

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Book Review: Embrace Magnificence by Mohamed Abdulla

Embrace Magnificence by Mohamed Abdulla is an impressive book about many concepts that we often tend to ignore in our day-to-day life. The book profoundly seeks the powers and magnificence of our creator. It is that Almighty who has created everything in ideal size and shape with perfect environment to support us.

So, one by one, the book introduces us to that magic that supports the life on the earth. The book is a short read with 74 pages on Kindle; however, its scope is immensely wide. Right at the start of the book, the author asserts the reason for writing this book. He happens to meet one of his friends who return from the Covid quarantine centre. The year 2020 was drastically tragic for every one due to pandemic. His meeting with that friend made him realized the magical magnificence of the creator. Thus, that meeting motivated the author to pen down this book so that whosever reads it can thank the Almighty and his perfect creation.

There are five chapters and every chapter has some sub topics that shed light on various types of insights that I am sure remain hidden from the commoners. The purpose of the book is to bring forward hidden yet magnificent knowledge to the people of world so that they can feel gratitude for their lives.

 In the first chapter, the author touched upon the cosmic gift i.e. Big Bang theory, vastness of universe, space and matter in the universe, etc. In the same chapter, there is also discussion on our home called Earth. Why Big Bang was so perfect that our universe was created and why all elements that support life on earth are in perfect sync and harmony to each other. For this harmony and perfection, there are reasons and logic. So, never doubt the creation of the Almighty. He created everything in complete wholeness and in a state of equilibrium.

Likewise, as I moved deeper in the book, I came across all the important concepts and their rationale placement to support universe, earth, and human mind and body. The more I say, is less about the book. This book does not challenge the basic human questions about reality, existence of God or human, rather it fosters the faith and believe in the Almighty by counting its myriad blessings that showered upon us from the dawn of time.

From space, time, and matter to colorfulness to bacteria to sleep pattern to types of brains – the book leaves no stone unturned. The most crucial aspect of the book is its engaging nature. The book is highly likeable and readable. At times, a book comes that is so powerful yet beautiful that readers cannot loathe it even if it has some irregularities and pitfalls.

Mohamed Abdulla simply shines with this book. Lucid narration coupled with strong analytics and research makes this book a strong competitor in its genre. This book is not only a good reading experience but also provides food for thoughts.

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Book Review: The Quantum Reality of Life by Saravanan Marimuthu

It is a good book if you understood its full content and essence. Even from its title, I could decipher that the book sprung from some ‘physics’ term. The author builds theories and assumptions about life with reference to quantum concept. It simply means that something existed at some point of time at some place. In the book there is a lot of information about molecules, electrons, photons, big bang theory, light years and everything in between that a normal guy could not think of.

Honestly putting, I felt the book was heavy. People from engineering or physics background can grasp it in one go. For me, I read it slowly and made notes on Kindle. At times, I had to Google some terms to gel up with the book’s main themes. At large, the book explains the contrasting difference between science, religion, and spirituality. How these three can go together – is it possible anytime in future for the human race? We as humans have a lot questions related to our existence and universe and cosmic things and ancient beliefs and this author pursued to answer all doubts through the Quantum Mechanics.

As I advanced in the book, I was mesmerized to know that other than physics terms and concepts, he nicely elaborated Dharma, Adharma, existence of god, role of cosmos in our life, soul and much more. If I think and cogitate about my experience, I think a got lot in just 80 pages. For sure, the book is not meant for naïve readers. It is something special yet intriguing and complex. The author tried his best to simplify the terms for laymen but irregularities still existed. Given the nature of subject, that was bound to happen.  

Now I wish Saravanan to write his next book in very simple terms may be on some other topics that remain hidden and away from our common comprehension. One thing is good and that is the short length of the book. Had there been pictures and flowcharts and light quotes, the book could have carved out brilliantly. Good work Saravanan. I know you wrote down your observations gathered while travelling across the world. Wish you best of luck for your next book.

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Book Review – Hiraeth: Happiness and Before by Ritika Kanodia

Hiraeth (Happiness and Before) by Ritika Kanodia is a novel on nostalgia, homecoming, emotion turmoil and various shades of life that we get to know as when move out and wide in life in pursuit of our happiness, goals, and aspiration.

When I came across this book on Amazon, I was nonplussed to find the significance in the flower of the cover page. It is Delilah flower, which depicts a lot of shades of life. Is our life like a Delilah flower, full of intriguing hues of happiness and sorrows?

Well, the novel is about one modern young Indian girl, her name is Raya. As the story opens up, I found her travelling to Australia with a lot of thinking going in her mind. It takes time to collect her set of thoughts and the story that springs from it. She is going to Australia for doing an MBA degree, but as I keep reading the book I got to know that she wanted to go away from her home due to marriage and other societal reasons. She chooses to be alone and away from home rather than surrendering herself. Raya is portrayed a silent but strong character. There are a few streaks of feminism in the story but that is fine as the protagonist is a 24-year-old young girl.

Read the book to know her fate in a foreign land? Will she be able to pacify her contrasting thoughts related to abroad and nostalgia for homecoming? How will she adopt in a new ambience? Will she get a proper support or is it going to be a solo ride for her.

As I said, one needs to closely follow the protagonist and her thinking pattern to get under the skin of the novel. I will not say the narration was smooth rather I had to dig deeper to be with the pace of the story. There is a reverent silence in the story and underlying themes that can either make or break the mettle of a person. Overall, I had quality time reading this book. I was able to get under the psychological chasm of the novel. I would rate it 4 out of 5.

Book Review – The Golden Bird 2.0: Resurgence of India by Raina Singhvi Jain

The Golden Bird 2.0: Resurgence of India by Raina Singhvi Jain is a work of non-fiction, stretching up to 300 pages. The book is poignant in exploring the aspects that can make India great again. In short, the author has put a historical reference, as in back then India was referred as Sone Ki Chidiya – Golden Bird – owing to richness in trade values, heritage, minerals and resources, civilization, and much more. India then was a good land with its own diversities and richness until it was robbed and corrupted by foreign forces like British.

The author is a successful entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience while setting some good brands and products. It was Covid 19 era and the abrupt and defunct behavior of China that led the author to think as what will happen if India becomes the golden bird once again to lead the world. The book holds much focus on India vs. China’s bad policies. History, Indo-China, and PM Modi’s vision of self-reliance and the author’s personal views and opinions form the major content of the book.

The book at length discusses over 15 topics like Parallel Beginnings, Trade Status, Education, and so on. One by one, the author introduces the scaffold and the depth of these topics to us. She appeals if we Indians align ourselves with the visions of the book, we can definitely do better and it will not take much until we capture that best place once again at the world level.

Since the book is slightly heavy and filled with history and stats and vision, I would advise readers to read this book in paperback with their own comfortable pace. The writing style is coherent and well executed due to the selection of topics. Overall, it is a good book with so much information about a country that can once again that golden bird as it used to be many centuries ago. The book is a sort of an eye-opener than just a plain researched work.