Book Review: Added Sugars – The Slow Poison by Srividya

Sugars do no good to anyone. Though sugar/sweets are socially acceptable, yet it causes mortal damage to body organs like liver, mind, insulin receptors, etc. The book Added Sugars – The Slow Poison by Srividya pinpoints the harmful side effects on our life. The book is A to Z about added sugars that are manufactured by mixing chemicals. Read on to know your take on added sugars that are almost omnipresent in all of your processed food that is either canned or packed.

Book Review: 20 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss by Srividya Bhaskara

This is an amazing and wonderful book on weight loss. The book does not lecture on fat loss by suggesting anything vague, rather it lists out 20 healthy foods for weight loss. The author takes readers to that point of understanding layer by layer. Good point is that nothing is boring or banal about the process of weight loss due to food. In fact, it is morale-boosting book for health enthusiasts. Brilliantly presented, with an ease.