Book Review: A Walk in My Shoes by Ritesh Karnani

A Walk in My Shoes is a wonderful college romance novel by Ritesh Karnani. The story follows Rounak in a college. I literary fell for the guys like him who go away to some different city to pursue engineering. For this degree, it is quite common, it isn’t available at hometowns. He shifts to Jaipur for B.E. But life is not going to be easy and fun there.

With being a student come its own challenges for accommodation, search for decent roommates, healthy food, and safety in the area. Initially, a fine stereotype guy but finally begins gaining colour as he sees other students around him are having fun making girlfriends.

He felt charged up…longing to have one for himself. He throws anchor of love to Pooja, an old classmate from school. But it did not work. She outsmarted him. He was hurt. But then came Manali, the heartbroken girlfriend of his friend Soumya. They get along well gradually. It all started with phone calls, then chatting, and then long night calls. With studies things looked perfect but destiny and his friend’s objection retards their relationship. Still they overcame all the odds. Yeah…salt-of-the-earth could be couple. Wait, love isn’t up coming in Indian backdrops. Something happens to the boy…what…it is tragic. Will they live up to convert the love into marriage post college days? Fingers crossed?

I adore this novel so much! I am still on the hunt for another new college romance that gives me this much joy, and sense of being there in the college, reliving what I left behind years back. Those gupshup heat-ups, college canteens, premise politics, placement errands, indulgence in boozing and smoking…and much more that I cannot express wholly but captured it silently in my heart.

Overall, the book is a blast to read. It has got characters and timelines semester wise, yet the focus didn’t shift from Rounak to anyone else at any time. Not all characters are interconnected, I loved the way the author crafted a personality development of the main character and his best friend Soumya. Astonished to find out that for girls friends change, they keep seething in jealousy. From the girl sides, Pooja and Manali are good characters, trapped in their own circumstances.

If you’re into new adult/college romance and are in a reading slump, I highly suggest picking this novel.

If you liked the review and got curious to know the fate of Rounak and Manali, better pick up your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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