Book Review: Operation SOS by Viraj Singh Rathore

Operation SOS by Viraj Singh Rathore is novel about saving the earth from an asteroid that may fall on earth. The book showcases action, drama, and adventure with space as its final backdrop.

By all means, it’s a gripping adventurous book by a child for children published on Bribooks Website. The book portrays the power of sacrifice, courage, and bravery for the sake of humanity. It will instill these values in children and they will grow fond of the Indian Army. The lead characters who risk their life to destroy an asteroid to save the earth are from the Indian Army’s Para SF.

The story commences like a tale of some legends by a grandpa. But soon it turns out to be a light science-fiction with part dystopian components. The narrative of the book doesn’t stick to a specific location. From India to the USA to space orbit, to NASA & SPACEX, it takes readers on a roller coaster ride of fun and excitement.

In the story a team of 4 Indian Army personal goes into space to destroy the asteroid. They work in unity, overcome hiccups, get lost in the space but never lose their heart and hope. They had fixed in their mind – to win the trust of billions of people who are on them and to make the Indian Army proud. They weren’t astronauts, yet took the necessary training and challenge.

Viraj Singh delivers a near perfect novel despite having numerous places and characters. He segments each one with clear precision. I couldn’t resist the power packed thrill; hence I read it many a time so far. The author’s storytelling abilities and imagination is at par with standards, the plot was gripping and kept me hooked. Finishing such a profound story with limited pages is the best job done incredibly. Overall, a compelling read Kudos to him! Let’s wish him success for Young Author Fair competition on Bribooks platform. I pray you win and keep writing to live on your author dream.

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