Book Review: Agent A by Arjun Singh Rathore

Agent A is written by Arjun Singh Rathore on a children’s book publishing platform named Bribooks. The book is also a part of Young Author Fair competition. The book that sells more has better chances of winning the competition. I hope he wins it. In his support, I am penning down the review of his book – Agent A.

In his author bio, the young author, may be around 13 years old, expresses to be a spy working for esteemed agencies of India like CBI. Based on his personal aspirations, he has written this book with strict storyline, with amazing absorbing climaxes. The lead character is Arjun, who goes to school, lives in a good society with two adorable dogs. A few pages in the book, I got the hunch that something extraordinary or big is going to happen with this young lad.

The story draws from the astute observation of the author that he might be getting influenced by detective movies or books. The semblance and crust of the book is detective, it can be considered its genre too. However, space orbit, spaceships, aliens, robots, and human detectives keep the story not only credible for humans but also grounded to believe.

I was happy to realize that the novel has no boring back stories, it has one and that is related to Arjun as how he gained the power of being invisible. This power brings him under the radar of CBI that longs to use him for highly clandestine missions.

On one space visit, Agent A (that is Arjun) discovers the marauding army of robots, highly detrimental for space centers and even can cause havoc if landed on earth. He has to exterminate them at any cost. The book gives a vibes as I am with some James Bond sort of characters…pistol, Aston Martin car, that communicative watch and much more…wow! That’s lovely.

This is a fabulous read for school students onwards sixth grade. They can take a break from their heavy science and maths spells and enjoy this detective drama to reset their malleable minds. The writing was simplistic in its approach and the themes discuss good traits of a human side such as courage, dedication, sacrifice for the nation and much more. Glad to find this short book on my reading list. Best of luck young genius!

Please buy the book from Bribooks website.

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