Book Review: The Resolution by Ravi Ranjan Goswami

I have always held fascination to know how people lived during the British rule in India. Were they free as normal citizens like we are today or something else was galloping in their mind? I read many Munshi Premchand stories to get that picture perfect. Yet I am hungry to savour more such stories.

Ravi Ranjan Goswami has a novel to offer on similar lines, available in both languages. I took the English copy. It is ‘the Resolution’ – a translated version of the Hindi one: Sankalp.

By genre, it is a historical fiction with one major event touching its themes – 1942 Quit India Movement initiated by Mahatama Gandhi. The story is mainly happening in North Indian cities like Jhansi and the village Konch. As the novel commences, we see that Gopinath’s eldest son Balkishan is being taken to the police station for slapping an Englishman in the market. Right since the first page, the author builds the air of fighting spirit for India’s struggle. The British rule often compelled people to realize who their ruler is.

Anyways, the protagonists of the novella are two brothers: Balkishan and Shyam. Balkishan marries Lakshmi to save her from a man double her age. He was engaged as a government school teacher like his father. While Shyam joins the railway under the guidance of a good Englishman Newman. When the Quit India movement gained momentum, both brothers put down the British government jobs and started a newspaper for nationalism awareness and women empowerment.

The story might be set in a tumultuous time but humanity is one of its prominent themes. Be it Lakshmi or Newman’s lives – both brothers acted with full compassion. In fact, the younger one Shyam was so much determined and dedicated for freedom that he takes oath that he will marry when the country gets independence. His resolution was firm like a wall of stone.

Lali and Shyam married on August 16, 1947. The unique thing about this marriage was that this was performed under the protection of the tricolor. Because the tricolor was flying on top of the wedding stage. The resolutions of both Lali and Shyam were fulfilled.

The novella captures the lives of people in pre-independence era. They might be earning bread and butter for their families but sacrifice for the mother land never diminished in any situation.

Though set in a historical backdrop, all major characters and events are born out of the author’s imagination so he seems in control throughout. To sum up, an enjoyable, fast paced and inspiring read with really nothing to complain about. The sensitive, tasteful touch that is the mark of this author can be seen throughout. I would gladly recommend to all lovers of fiction.

If you liked the review and curious about the book, kindly buy it from Amazon/Kindle.

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