Book Review: Badalon Ke Paar by Dr. Sangeeta Tomar

Simple docile children novels always fascinate me. In that pursuit I have turned into a huge fan of Ruskin Bond. In Hindi I have read a few novels of different authors. The best thing about children books is that they are light, entertaining, and crisp read.

Dr. Sangeeta Tomar’s new Hindi novel Badalon Ke Paar is a lovely charming story of Mini, who lives in a tight locality and attends a small school. She is a bright student, often ranking high scores in the class. This short novel first peeps into the belief system of a child, as how she believes in rumours, and craves for parental love when she is alone at home. Mini’s rapport with her Dadi in the locality and friends is worth reading and watching. It looks like as she is right before my eyes, playing errands of innocent childhood. I loved that part when she is made to believe that Peepal tree is an abode of ghosts and spirits. It takes time for her parents to correct her.

Mini’s character is memorable, she is sensitive and quiet. Because of her mother, who is a music teacher in a reputed school, she is enrolled there. There everything is changed…from building to teachers to students…that school looks and sounds affluent. Mini feels inferior, she wasn’t used to such type of ambience.

One by one, a few incidents jitters her confidence. Forget about being first in the class, she struggles to be an ordinary student, especially being poor in Mathematics. Coping in a new school was becoming tough for her. But that’s not the end of her school life. She maintains her perseverance. Gets a genuine friend, help of one old lady, she learns the smart ways of being a bright student…but her transformation isn’t that easy. Could you imagine that? Her story reminds me of my school days, since I was a 90s kid, so I could relate to much extent.    

No more spoilers, I found Mini hardworking and determined and chirpy in adverse situations. Read the novel and meet Mini and the past that you left behind. Free flowing narrative, the author captured the nuisances and emotions of the child delicately. Badalon Ke Paar by Dr. Sangeeta Tomar is a wonderful story staged against the idiosyncrasies of school days.

If you liked my review, please buy the book from Amazon India or Kindle.

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