Book Review: Chandratal by Puneet Pundir

Chandratal by Puneet Pundir is a terrific combination of mystery and thriller. The novel swept me off the feet, I could never imagine that a Hindi novel can have such a heady impact on me because for suspense thriller novels I always fell back on English authors, that too foreign ones. I picked up this book on a recommendation by one of the friends. It was worth. Thank you!

So, what’s in the story? Let me warn you, it’s tightly packed with drama, melancholy, sweeps, mystery, and intensity…yet it moves with a profundity. A smuggler cum businessman is when attacked in Madurai, he runs for his life and hides in a goods train. Somehow he was seen and taken by the Hindu sages from a forest. He was about to die due to his wounds but saved by a mysterious lake called Chandratal, which is worshipped by some powerful saints.

The story roams here and there for some time, we get to know about lead character Rajeshwar. He had tragic past, someone from his family, forced him to be a cruel man. That story is interesting but today he lives for his business only. He handles cargo ships in the Indian Ocean.

Coming to the point, the Chandratal Lake piques him. He wants to find out about its source of power and destruction. He was healed completely by its energy. But little did he know that a young pharmacist Rajshekharan, who works in the USA, is also planning to get away with something that can set a revolution in the medical field.

Sages know that the lake is blessed by some divine power. It is not about gravity or some physics concepts. But Rajeshwar denies it, so does that young pharmacist. Both head towards it, a lot of planning, drama, and action ensue. The story turns into a heated war of crime and betrayal. But one guy looks to save it from the external people, while the other wants to have it for medical disruption.

I cannot express all points, but after one point of time, I was totally in the novel. I read it in just one day, that too a Hindi novel. Imagine its thrilling score! It’s a brilliant novel with a solid story that doesn’t open up from any point. Language was cool, simple, and I had no difficulty. Thank god, it wasn’t needed to turn on Google translator for words. My Hindi gaining roots, I begin loving Hindi literature than ever before.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

If you liked my review, please buy your copy from Amazon India.

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