Book Review: Mirror Soul: Flames of Fate by Kritika G. Soin

As unsettling as engrossing, Mirror Soul by Kritika is a something else romance novel. Indian market is flooded with romance books, short and long forms. Yet it becomes difficult to fall in love with a novel that not only shakes your belief but also gives you goose bumps. You know throughout the novel, I was keenly expecting a tragic heartbreak, treachery of Rudra, and Charu moving on to someone, as I remember from the Pretty Zinta movie Kya Kehna. The girl gets bump…all that hue and cry…emotional hardship…stress…and finally she chooses the right silent guy.

To my startling surprise, there was no other guy. There was one in the starting but he was keen on having physical relationship with Charu. They broke up. Rudra is back after a breakup from London to a Jalandhar girl Charu, who always had a crush on this guy, at the very first opportunity she submits herself to him.

“After a magical month, our souls were at peace – they were in complete attunement with one another, grateful for the divine escapades and the unconditional embrace from their twin.”

Despite being together in school and then calling and maintaining long-distance relationship, their love connects but job and career priorities separates them. Rudra fails in business and is unable to decide a path for his love and life.

On the other side, I was befuddled to know Charu never leaves her government job, and she remains her hope alive of being with this guy, who is always keen on intimate relationship but a lily-levered one when confronting the marriage issue. I found it quite strange that the girl didn’t tell him about the baby. It went on for 7 years. This is something queer. Anyway it worked. Thank god…the novel didn’t end on a harsh tragic end like old Hindi movies. I loved the way both unite and carry on their love chemistry.

Ok…enough of blabbering. Let me get under its skin now. The novel narrates love history of Charu and Rudra. They feel connected because of twin flames angle. Often love is a tough thing for guys schemed under twin flames category. If one loves, the other repels. It tests the mettle of love before they are united forever.

The novel’s core story is good but at places, especially the first part has had redundancy. The later part was unspeakably terse, moving, heartfelt, and all that happens in love and separation.

Being a debutante, the novel worked. I could guess from its raving reviews that it strikes a chord with the readers. To be precise, language was simple, lucid and great for a story set in the contemporary times.

If you liked the review, please go ahead and buy the copy from Amazon India or Kindle store.

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