Book Review: Mool Mantra by Paul Kalra

Having many friends from the Punjabi community, I frequented Gurudwaras. I was aware of their faith and their holy book Guru Granth. I know it starts with Mool Mantra – Ek Onkar. The Guru Granth begins with the Mool Mantra, it is quite a famous yet short incantation verse. The author Paul Kalra writes that this Mool Mantra is way powerful to transform anyone’s life towards glory and peace and spirituality.

The book Mool Mantra highlights the teachings of Guru Nanak, one of the famous and highly revered saints. This book offers the spiritual path to god. Nanak lays emphasis on serving humanity with contentment and compassion. He preached about humanity and contentment by travelling to many places of worship and religious importance across the world. Basically this book will make you learn to establish and connect with god directly without the needs of futile rituals and other things. After reading this book, I grew appreciated of Nanak ji as his teachings were straight and simple, with much focus on humanity.

The book first introduces Nanak as a human being, sheds light on his birth and family and what changed him. It was not late that I got the hunched that Nanak was neither a God nor a messenger, he was a simple human being with an illuminated soul. The book is written in such a simple and profound way that knowing about Nanak and his teachings was like a cakewalk. I always had the thought that religious books are tough to comprehend but this book was just opposite.

The book before taking us on the ride of chapters lays out an insightful introductory content, which further helps in understanding the overall semblance of the book.

Chapter one is all about aspects related to Mool Mantra. Next chapters onward, it is mainly related to god: finding him, establishing connection, value of prayers, full faith, thinking, contemplation, and so on. For me the most impressive topic was Accepting God’s Doings. This topic brings out our doubt on god and his faith. Yes, sometimes we doubt him despite keeping a lot of faith. As this chapter explains the concept of full faith with the example of Jesus, I realize that having full faith on god does not mean that he will not inflict pain upon us. Behind every move and doing, there is something good reason. Trust him in all circumstances. He will take us to a good place of peace and spirituality.

Mool Mantra by Paul Kalra is a heartfelt read for me. Reading this book means getting acquainted with something good that fosters our spiritual stance.

Paul Kalra’s writing is perfect for a spiritual book. It was balanced, neither banal nor heavy. He wrote what laymen can understand. It is a great work by the author! Indeed! Truly!!

If you liked the review, do not hesitate to buy your copy from Amazon or Kindle.

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