Book Review: Love Destiny…and Those Two Days by Murlidhar Srivastava

The excitement of knowing the fate of lovers in the end in any romance novel is nothing less than bliss. This single aspect keeps me glued to romance novels. I know the starting and mid subplots may sound cliché or over repeated but we all get curious to know what happens in the end. Will they get married or part away or some other unexpected twist take place?

As I keep reading this romance novel of Murlidhar Srivastava, my mind did not stop bothering me about these aspects. So, I read it quite fast, in two sittings.

Well, the story features Mayur and Shobha. They both belong to Lucknow but meet in Bangalore, where Mayur was hunting a job, and Shobha was a student for two years. They meet through a common family friend. Right since the first meeting, they grow fan of each other, and begin liking. As with the time, Mayur commences on his professional career and then both decorate dreams of living together. Mayur was quite enthusiastic about her. But when things look perfect…destiny plays its role.

After completing her study, Shobha did not come back for Mayur. In fact, all was fine but she suddenly made herself disappeared in those two days. Mayur tries reaching to her but to no avail. The story is set in the sublime weather of Bangalore in 1980s. The way author captures the growing stages of the city was heartwarming. To some extent it sounded like a Bollywood romance movie.

Other than the love angle, the novel also sheds light on typical family things like horoscope, matchmaking, care of elder ones and so on. With this story, the face of the Indian society lies underneath. Coming back to the story…Mayur remains clueless about Shobha for more than two decades. Then one fine day, they meet in a mall in Bangalore. Mayur wanted to know why she left him without a reasons or notice. The second part of the story is his uncovering that painful past. I cannot discuss the whole story here, I recommend you to pickup this novel to know how fate plays the role in matchmaking. But one thing is sure that love doesn’t come easily.

Love Destiny…and Those Two Days by Murlidhar Srivastava is a good read, it is a different kind of romance set in that time when life was simple and sober without so much technology to meddle around. The writing was simple, the story was moving at a measured pace. Overall, a lovely read for romance reads.

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