Book Review: The Ten Commandments of Evil by Vignesh Sivasankar

Years ago during my school days I read in a story that in Africa there is some tribe that kill a woman and if she gives birth to twin. She is considered a curse – a woman with twin means her womb is taken by some evil supernatural force. I did not buy that story. Ironically, Vignesh Sivasankar’s horror book (The Ten Commandments of Evil) brings me that story back. Not the exactly same but it’s based on similar lines. It’s the first story in the book, and quite an impressive one.

The Ten Commandments of Evil by Vignesh Sivasankar is a book of ten stories. All stories are smeared with horror vibes. Yes, they are long ones but that’s fine as I kept glued to them. Occasionally like in second or third story, I was bit off the track due to repetitive gory events like murder, sex, and so on.

I enjoyed the book like I was watching a series on Netflix or Prime. It reminds me of one epic series of Netflix named ‘Blood Ride’. The first story was impressive. Next my favourite two stories were ‘Shades of Odour’ and ‘Fallen in Love with You’.

‘Shades of Odour’ was about a girl who can smell the rotting souls that are going to die. It was based on Phantom smell, I wasn’t aware of this concept and quite a new and shocking discovery for me. So, being not aware of this horror angle, I enjoyed this story like anything. The second story ‘Fallen in Love with You’ was brilliantly presented, it was a love story…couldn’t believe a girl was with a spirit for such a long time.

All stories are great with their stances and unexpected results but sadly they have tragic ends. So, I question, are horror stories doomed for bad endings only? Another thing was the last part of every story, where a short paragraph introduces the key witness of that horror case. It was a credible effort but was it possible that all stories were based on real life. From a reader’s point of view, I had eked out my share of pleasure. I know the content of the book was adult, so does the horror genre. This book is not for faint-hearted. If you are accustomed to horror and supernatural stories via books or web series or movies, then only go for it.

Interested in unsettling horror stories, please buy your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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