Book Review: The Man from Nowhere by Saurav Dutt

The Man from Nowhere by Saurav Dutt is quite an emotional and intense novel. It sarcastically studies the racial discrimination of one man who lives in the USA; however, he is an Indian, Muslim from Kidderpore in Kolkata. Let me tell you that character’s backdrop, so it will be easy for you to understand the inner voice of the story. He was a fine architect that skill brought him to the USA. He did good job, as a result, made money and settled in the States with an Asian origin woman named China. He picked up this girl somewhere from South East Asia. The guy is emotional about this lady.  On the other side, she seeks divorce from him.

Next part is the Hollywood Hills. The man has a nice home built on stilts, and the address is 37 Crescent Drive, Hollywood Hills. It is a good society in California, a state which is house of immigrants and considered conducive for outsiders. But isn’t that if you follow this Indian and his neighbors.

One morning a gunshot shakes the chores of people of the society. It was from that home on stilts. The man shoots himself. But he is watching himself dying in the mirror. Why did he shoot himself? The story goes in backward, not much, but only for 5 days. In the city bombs blast, people have died. The media carries out that it seems a work of some Arab/Asian terror outfit.

The people of the society grow suspicious. The blame falls on this innocent recluse guy because he lives in hiding and not many seen him going out. He is the target. To add oil in the fire, characters like Spike, Ben, Condrad are after him. Though there are a few good souls who think it is not right to blame any random person for the bombings.

Enough…the story part. The real gem of the novel is its subtle seeking of racial abuse and discrimination. The way it is done, is brilliant. I couldn’t control myself laughing at many places, the novel is way humorous and witty. One thing is sure that it depicts the pain of immigrants living in the USA, they are soft targets. Narration and storytelling is lovely, though the traverse of the novel is short, yet it is a wonderful read. Saurav Dutt shines once again. Sarcastic! Terrific! Funny!

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