Book Review: A New Political Ethos: Panacea for Robust Societies by Kanagiri SN Prasad

I have never been into active politics but I studied Indian politics during my college days. It was more about the structure that we see in the form of Lok or Rajya Sabha and Election Commission and so on.

That time I desired for a book that could introduce me to all political parties of India. My knowledge was limited only to BJP and Congress and knew nothing about West Bengal or South India. So the crux is that now I have found one book that was my need some years back. I hope it reaches to new readers and aspirants of Indian politics for introduction of national and regional parties. It is written, rather compiled by a renowned educationist and research scholar: Kanagiri SN Prasad. The book is A New Political Ethos: Panacea for Robust Societies.

Though the book is a compilation of essays or articles published by the author in various news sources, yet it feels like a well-arranged book on the Indian political parties. The book while studying all types of existing parties presents the scaffold of Indian democracy with the help of political parties. It further explores stats and facts based on performance and success.

The book is not a banal read, it consists of tales and stories of leaders and their parties that invariably helped them to win trust of the voters. The book is good and informative, however, the author kept it close to political parties and chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh and newly formed Telangana. The book pinpoints the reforms done by central governments like UPA, Congress, and BJP. It is a wonderful book on political systems of our country and at the same time it will enlighten new people about good governance and other aspects.

Order your copy from Amazon.

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