Book Review: Fabyan Place by Peter Angus

I have been reading war fiction novels for many years. More or less they are same in terms of military action and adventure. And the evident theme in all those stories is same: Survival. But yet every story is unique and immensely exciting. Putting it honestly, my recent pick ‘Fabyan Place’ is a different story under the banner of war-fiction and holocaust literature. It’s less about armory action and sanguine adventure; rather, it focuses on the mental battle that POWs take on amidst the adversaries of life. Well, this novel is about three soldiers: Sonny, John, and JC.

Fabyan Place is a great novel that is part war fiction and part holocaust. It portrays the real pain that the POWs must have felt through the hands of Germans and Nazi during the WW-II. It shows what ideology churns beneath the racial discrimination. John’s s family lineage was so terrific and interlaced that it made look racial discrimination a joke. In true sense, this novel depicts the pain and misery that a war leaves on a soldier and its family. I sighed in appreciation for Peter’s superb narration. He sounded amazing with his storytelling skills. My only concern is that it’s a slightly lengthy book and lingered much around the racial discrimination. The novel concerned the voice of native black and Negro soldiers that have to battle with both: racial strife and enemy frontier.

Buy the book from Amazon/Kindle.

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