Book Review: The Shaytan Bride by Sumaiya Matin

The Shaytan Bride is a riveting book in the form of subtle memoir and fiction. It features the story of one young woman who migrated from Dhaka to Toronto, Canada. She comes across life not in a fairytale way but something sinister like tales of devils that she would listen to during her childhood.

The story of the protagonist is powerful, extraordinary, and inspiring. More than a quest, the female protagonist strives to find herself despite facing violence, abuse, discrimination, and so on.

It also is a story of love through thorns. But at the core of the book, you will find that the author brought ahead what churns inside her home and community. She falls in love with a white man, who does not belong to her religion and caste. Subsequently, she is forced into a marriage of her community by her people. There she not only loses her identity but also struggles to get a normal good life. She then strides ahead, takes bold decision, and makes her own story of fate.

It’s a story of acceptance and rejection. The writing style is good, the novel is initially slow burn but as it settles down with its cultural backdrop and auxiliary characters get familiar, it becomes an so engrossing that one cannot stop reading it. Unveiling core insights and shocking truth of communities, it is a novel that will open eyes for many who caught in the storm of social premises that fret the individuals in the name of religion and colour and caste. An amazing work by the author.

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