Book Review: Ow1: Believe by Geoff Hall

Read an UK-based dystopian thriller by a British author after a very long time. Geoff Hall’s Ow1: believe kept me hooked from the start.

The author has dived into the workings of an authoritarian state, somewhere in Bristol, UK. The novel is tight with its story as technophiles try entering the loopholes of the state by 3DCC – a sort of vision state, which exposes dark and unrelenting terror of the state.

The state is a ruthless place for Strix and his other teenager friends. The novel is technologically advanced, plus it delves into digital or virtual reality, national security, and politics of corporatism. Owing to all that the novel is a pacy thriller.

The author beautifully showed as how people got under the care of state. The sweeps and back stories of these people tell about atrocities they faced before choosing state as their legal sponsor. In fact, I felt the world was dystopian and state was ruling over the people.

Strix and Calvin and others by using coding keep spying over the state. The state’s church and demonic powers and vampire connection actuate them to do something for freedom. But little did they know that their fight is going to be a long one.

Through Vision State they get hold of dark and unrelenting secrets which they can use against the state, possibly to undermine it. Geoff Hall’s characters are strong but intriguing. The author successfully holds the attention of the readers in the plot which is spread over many things among many characters. The action scenes are graphic and well-sketched. Unarguably, the novel is perfect material for on-screen adaptation.

The part related to visual state is at times truly scary. If Strix and his friends are budding protagonists, well then it is to be assumed that the state is a formidable antagonist. Calvin leaves a mark every time he makes an entry; in fact, other characters are also good. The dystopian framework in the novel is well-sketched and fascinating, but at times sounds repetitive.

I immensely enjoyed this novel which proceeds as a suspense thriller. The book is wonderful and will make us think again and again. Great work by Geoff Hall!

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