Book Review: What Does It Mean to Be Green by Rana DiOrio and Addy Rivera Sonda

What Does It Mean to Be Green is written by Rana DiOrio and illustrations are done by Addy Rivera Sonda.

It is a captivating pictorial cum graphical book for children and kids. The focus of the book is to impart knowledge about Mother Nature to the kids. Since kids are of malleable hearts, this is the right time to inculcate right set of habits in them.

One of the best hobbies and biggest responsibility is to make them aware of our surrounding. The foremost thing is to take care of the nature. As the title is apprehensive, one can gauge that the book tries to teach the meaning of being green in life. It does not mean to look alien or green like frog. It rather shows how we can help trees and our environment so that there is least change in the global climate.

The book is beautifully illustrated; the pictures are speaking like anything. It teaches many aspects like do not waste water in the garden or tap, use the resources judiciously like food, rain water, electricity, cut the usage of vehicles and much more.

The book is so spellbinding that you may browse it as many as time possible. All the characters are colourful and look happy and contributing to the nature. Kids will just love this book. It is full of moral teachings plus creativity. Go for it.

Buy the book from Amazon.

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