Book Review: The Greatest Game by Greg Rajaram

The Greatest Game by Greg Rajaram is an impeccable novel with various perspectives. The novel, at first, is introduced as a primordial aspect, later on, treads the way of philosophy. The book is divided into two parts. The first part of this book reminds us of the forbidden fruit and the tree of knowledge of good and evil therefore a close look reveals that it tries to transport readers from that time of Adam and Eve to the new era. There we have Devi and Shivaji, so Devi has a fascination for the silver apple.

Shivaji can sense the danger, he warns her to stay away from the tree but it was done in human history, she gets the apple. As in primitive history when the first man and woman ate the forbidden fruit they inherited the knowledge and intelligence, but it came at a terrible cost. Subsequently, they have to pay the price. Later on, their sons choose their own paths and go on forming kingdoms. The story in the part one creates the mystery of the book.

In this book, we can see a 10-year-old boy Adi, who works with two old philosophers as they try to unfold the prediction of a promised king. Adi wants to work with the wise men as they attempt to answer some of the philosophical questions about existence. On the other hand, in the new era, the boy, Kris, an Engineer, tries to reopen the ancient chapters. It basically presents the linage of human behavior. Above all, the author shows that love can remove all the problems of humans. Likewise, there are few more stories that explain the spirit of love in our lives that helps to form the root of this world.

This is a unique novel with lots of puzzles, primitive aspects, paradox and many philosophical theories. It focuses more on its ideology than the stories inside. Initially, the reader will think it as a mythological fiction but in the part two of this book it will unravel the queries. Greg Rajaram has shown multiple concepts in this novel. He invites readers to read it with an open mind.

The book is easy to read but difficult to access. The level of maturity creates here, the reader needs more attention to grasp the depth of this book. But the book is not for everyone, but people who are searching the true meaning of life, love, difference between good and evil, existence, will definitely find the answer.

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