Book Review: Extra Ordinary by Sailee Tiwari

Extra Ordinary by Sailee Tiwari is a collection of 12 short stories that explore various settings of circumstances that could occur in life such as heartbreak, failed relationship, being lonely, love and lust, and many more. In general, the book is reflective of our society and the world. It takes readers though themes like love, lust, dating, family, redemption, betrayal, social ethos, etc. I liked many stories, as they take time to sketch characters and built credible ambiance.

Most of the stories are highly pragmatic. The writing is fine and brilliantly conveys the emotions through all characters. The collection takes a new take on human psychic and I was thrilled to see the conflict of interests and life choices that one is forced to take as per conditions. The author has produced a contemplative collection that is highly readable.

Though I have been reading a collection of short stories since early days of my life, I must say that this is not a common collection of short stories. It is rather vivid and nudges the readers to think something out of their lives. Each story looks generic and ordinary but it ropes in a gamut of human life and emotions and allied intricacies. The author Sailee’s writing style is way unique but equally easy to follow.

Stories about betrayal, a poor boy’s struggle for schooling, friendship and infatuation are all nicely wrapped in the book. If I ever had to decide only one story from the book, probably I will land up in a dilemma than being partial to anyone. 

If you mark my words, the author did a wonderful job by portraying different conflicting personalities of humans, the choices they make, and moreover what they feel in a particular situation. On a broader term, it is a lovely book for your home library. Short and crisp and I was able to finish it in one go.

I will rate this book 4 out of 5. If you are piqued by this review, I would urge you to pick up your copy from Amazon.

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