Book Review: Glint of Broken Lights by Deepak Rathna Muniraju

One of my blogger friends recommended this book of short stories to me. I picked it up on Kindle and began my journey of reading. As I was inside the book, the first story’s brilliance and voice pulled me unexpectedly. It was so wonderfully written and narrated that I felt as I am there with the lead guy when he is playing melody of the music. However, later on, I was thrilled to discover that the melody he was producing will help him finding his lost love and he will die to meet his lover forever. To start the collection, I think it was quite impressive and impactful.

Some of the stories are too lengthy and sound like a novella. In fact, the author can convert them into novella and rerelease on KDP. I am sure he is going to get good response for that. Stories like Leher, Anokha, Gul, and Bardo were terrific and purely justified their stance in the book. My personal favourite story is about Aatma Ram who narrates some good stories about human karma like desire, pride, greed, etc.

If there are 10 stories, I think I liked 7. The book offers a gamut of reading experience because the stories range from different genres. From history to realism to stark reality to folklore – all has been wrapped up nicely.

Without giving much, I can only say that the book is a nice read for any given day. The author has great flair for writing and he used a good selection of words and language usage that keeps the reading simple yet engaging. With only 135 pages, there is a lot that one can gain by reading this book. I not only liked the book but also appreciated for its sheer purity of imagination. Kudos to the author! I rate this book 4 out of 5.

If you liked the review and want to read the book, please buy it from Amazon Kindle.

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