Book Review: Raising Hell for Peace: A Crusade by the Brahma-Kshatriya by Shashi Bakshi

It is one of the best political thrillers I have ever read in my life after books on WW I and II. I personally liked this book for its Indian backdrop that eventually drives the plot consistently. The story is about ideologies that define the fate of political parties and future of millions of people.

The story starts with one Guru named Satyanand. He runs IAPO – a sort of polarizing organization. He wants India to be a ‘majority population’ dominating country. To fulfill his ambition, there are some characters that run throughout the novel. Another twist in the novel is to find someone with relics of Kalki – the tenth avatar of Lord Krishna. However, after a few chapters, the novel sets its eyes on politics. With characters like Anton, Donald, Kamla, Desh, Arya, Balraj, and Julius – we get into an unputdownable political thriller.

Riots, attacks, burning trains, terrorism, polarization and trampling of minorities – all these thing are done to define an agenda that benefits most to political parties. Since the novel is lengthy and holds multi-narrative with a brilliant cast of characters, I would say that you read the book to know its course that it takes from time to time. Overall, it is a brilliantly written novel that sums up the doings of today’s politics across the globe.

The author Shashi Bakshi is a political observer and he tried best to deliver a novel based on his understanding of the things that are happening mainly in India. When he involved riots, NRC, CAA and Kashmir angle, I got instantly that the novel is more of contemporary in nature than a fictional tale.

I loved the narration of outside political landscape…of the USA, and Russia, and Pope. Talking about characters Arya and Desh are the leading ones. However, the gap in their tenacity nudges the novel ahead with a gamut of subplots. In India, it is Balraj, the blind follower of Guruji, and Desh trying to steer the country as per their rules and thinking. To help them is Arya, a well-educated from the USA with a tragic past and childhood.

Arya epitomizes the power of a political campaigner. How he helps Desh in becoming the PM of India is something extraordinary aspect in the novel. With a good story and lucid narration, the novel defines its genre and entertains the readers. I found this novel terrific, sharp, and poignant. From political enthusiast to naïve to compulsive readers, this novel has something in store for you. Without giving much, I can admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Had it been a great if the cover of the book has been a bit better and colourful. The cover was simple and did not show what it wanted to be.

I rate this book 4.5/5.

If you liked the review and curious enough to read this book, you may grab your copy from Amazon/Kindle

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