Book Review: Man Ki Parchhai by Punit Mishra

With the advent of social media and scores of writing platforms, poetry in any language or Hindi has evolved to its various wings. I have been an avid reader of contemporary to modern poetry of Hindi on social media. But I also know that Hindi poetry roots go back to the dawn of civilization and that medieval period when Urdu intervened and it took a new form in the ways of Ghazals and Nazm.

To be precise, Punit Mishra’s Hindi poetry book Man Ki Parchhai (especially first part) took me to the time of neo romanticism with reminisces of imminent poets like Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Sumitranandan Pant, and Harivansh Rai Bachchan. These writers were pure and undefiled Hindi poets. Reading and understanding them means having a show of juicy entertainment in itself.

Man Ki Parchhai by Punit Mishra is something straight from his heart. It reflects the pouring and musing of the heart of a simple and innocent poet. Visibly the book is divided into two segments, Sanskritized Hindi and the modern layer of poetry mixed with Urdu and new lexicon.

Most of the poems are marked by a sense of the self and personal expression. Since the book offers over 100 piece of diverse poetry, the book can be read anytime to be energized and feel powered and fresh. The author kept the book close to his heart, it was evident from many poems in which he was seen talking to himself or expressing heartfelt emotions that he gathered through the life in the world.   

It’s futile to pinpoint any particular theme or poem in the review because of its fragile diversity. But one thing is sure, those who are hardcore Hindi poetry lovers will get a hunch of old Hindi poetry and the latter part is light, simple, contemporary and contemplative. My personal favourite is the second part, I could understand and relate easily.

Wanted to read this book of exclusive Hindi poetry at your comfort level, better get a copy from Amazon or Kindle.

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