Book Review: Forever She by Amitav Ganguly

Forever She by Amitav Ganguly is a collection of 7 short  stories where we get to see the true shades of love that are not only valued in current life but also in afterlife. This book adds supernatural aspects to all tales of love and bonding. A schizophrenic wife saves her husband from the clutches of police through a letter and solves the case, in another stories you will come across a radio clock saves tragedy back in time but at the cost of a life of a friend, in one story grandma connects with her granddaughter through a haunted mansion, and a dead lover takes revenge on his killer while also saving her from a dreadful stalker.

The stories never leave you to amaze, at one point of time you have no option but to turn to author for his brilliance narration and sigh in for appreciation. Love and passion continues to rave through the book but most of the messages are conveyed through signals by persons died in various circumstances.

Tales of love and passion comes from a varied backdrop like that college love story of Vaasu and Garima and the ghost of Kuhu. In the story ‘Eerie Words’, a possessed diary and pen do the tricks but its inside story was way shocking and different than the readers could think of it. In that a possible murder looked inevitable but it was a case of shame and suicide. Long and better revelations await your turn.

Though death is certain in all stories, their sub plots or climax never looked clichéd or overheard. Amitav’s versatile literary intellect with his ability to produce rich imaginative and episodic description is at par with the writing standards.

Great! Lovely! Riveting! And much more, the appreciation can never go dull for this book and the author. Hope he keeps coming with such short and very engrossing stories.

Curious enough, read your copy from Amazon/Kindle.    

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