Book Review: IT’s A Story by Satish Badgi

I could resonate very well with the Satish Badgi’s novel IT’s A Story. It is based on IT people, rather it has stories from the IT field across the world but mainly India.

The title means Information Technology has a story. The book offers many scenarios that IT guys can face while working there. It is a book based on professional web of the IT guys. Though the lead character is Vinod from Nashik…but we also see many other guys but more or less they sound same because of the common backdrop: IT.

IT may look like a lucrative career option but it isn’t, especially when one longs to live that IT life or American dream. It is not that easy. One needs to be hardworking, up to date, and clever in seizing the opportunities. I personally loved the stories based on jump the ship in the USA. Now I understood how all my friends got settled there when they went onsite. 

I have worked in the IT field but in a tangential position. I always wished to be settled abroad with an IT job. Anyway, no regrets, Satish brought me that life through his lenses. I read and enjoyed. As a reader you need to be focused with the book. The stories are connected yet scattered. They are based on life goals, startup life, love affair in the offices, abroad opportunities, and struggle of a simple guy in a city like Mumbai.

This is not a thriller or total fiction. But I am sure the stories some or other place resemble some or other. I know this happens in the IT field. Vinod is a lovely character. He was so strong. He remained honest but with that Paddy’s startup things put him back in life and he was then forced to chose that IT /American dream. Anyway the stories I got are totally relatable and have high index of human compassion.

The book offers a gamut of life experiences and situations of IT guys. Exceptionally written in simple and lucid narration, I think every IT guy should have this book on their bookshelves. My experience: loved it.

Do order your book from Amazon/Kindle.

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