Book Review: 20 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss by Srividya Bhaskara

In my life I notice two chores quite often, one that in my office people drink a lot of green tea, and found people eating junk food like burger and pizza commonly. So as I read this book, I made two uncovering. First is that green tea is one of the food commodities from this book’s title, and secondly junk food fuels and fosters those hormones that spike weight gain.

The book is vast like ocean but to my little mind I was able to grasp that insulin spike causes a lot of obesity that results in health issues like type-2 diabetes, blood pressure, inflammation, arthritis, and many more diseases.

The book is about weight loss. That is its gimmick and cynosure. Reading this book made me acquainted with many of our hormones that I never knew. Like Ghrelin hormone is responsible for hunger signal, while insulin, Oestrogen, Cortisol, Thyroid, Leptin are responsible for weight gain. In fact there are hundreds of hormones mentioned in the book.

The book says that you do not need hefty planning or rigorous workouts for weight loss. Just read about these 20 foods – how they work for weight loss and weight gain programme. The detailing about food and their work on our body is quite far-reaching. The foods are handpicked by the author after doing a lot of research. The list includes Nigella Sativa, Ash Guard Juice, Moringa leaves, Pistachio, Green tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spinach, Broccoli and so on. These foods are naturally fat cutters. They keep our weight gain hormones in control.

It is evident from the book that the author did a great amount of research before writing down this book. I know that I cannot summarize all the contents of the book in one review but just keep in mind that it is about weight loss through a list of foods that are great with their chemical properties.

Get your copy from Amazon/Kindle.

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