Book Review: One & Done by Veronica D’Souza

When I was growing up in 90s, I could hardly see any family with just one child. In India having a family means children around parents and home. However, with time, this trend changed and many people understood the value of raising children in a positive and conducive ambience, thus, people created family with two children. Even government of India promoted the same concept, Hum Do, Hamare Do.

Today we are about to cross the year 2020, besides Coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in our life. It also impacted how we look upon the idea of starting a family. I was right in thinking that due to Covid many couples and parents took backseat in family planning. Those who have one child now thinking of living life with just one child! And those who want to start a family decided on just one-child family. I think due to Covid some things changed for good. As I picked up this book, it was presented right in the first chapters that Covid has impacted the overall family planning.

As I turned more pages and tried to grasped content, I found Veronica justifying the stance of the book. As she explained the benefits that come along when we raise just one child, the benefits are not only for family but also for the globe such as contribution in population control, global climate, and humanity and much more.

The book solely focuses on the pointers that are associated with one child family. I know people will have difficult time accepting someone emphasizing a family with one child – but it is now becoming an acceptable reality.

Later, much part of the book presents various aspects that help in raising and grooming more than one child. Therefore, this book is a hot treasure for people who just have one child…but equally useful for normal parents that take pride in raising more than one child. The book is about creating a happy family and then how to maintain it. I think the author shed light on all important factors that matter when a child arrives in the family.

The book’s content is easy to gel up with. It is presented in proper chapters and in the last part there are interviews from parents. I mean the book is like mix of fiction, research, pragmatism, stats and facts. I would not suggest one to read this book in haste, rather one should read with his/her own pace and must jot down the points for future reference. Pace and narration of the book is perfectly fine for veteran to naïve readers.

If you liked the review and thinking of buying the book, you can do so from Amazon/Kindle.

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