Book Review: Truce by Risha Chaurasia

When it comes to books on teens and just very young guys, I often rely on Ruskin Bond or Enid Blyton. But there books are more about school and light adventure in the hills and mansions. I love reading them but this time, I came across a novel which is written by a teenage author from India and the book is dedicatedly focused on nowadays teenagers. The novel is Truce, a teen and young genre-novel, by Risha Chaurasia.

The storyline presents life of five protagonists named as Tiya, Ron, Udit, Cayra, and Edi. They hail from diverse backdrop. Ron and Cayra are super rich but tied to their social life and other chores but inwardly they are hollow and lonely. In fact, the same is with other characters; however, they are not so super rich. Ron and Udit are soccer stars. As the story moves ahead, I begin reason with them and feel bad for them. Despite all, they look miserable for true friends in their life.

Gradually, after their initial shocks that life gives them, they meet and help each other in thin and thick. The novel explicitly explores values like family bonding, true meaning of friendship, coping up with expectations while shuttling between aspirations and harsh reality of the world. The novel is fun to read due to its contemporary and bold voice.

For sure, the novel is a new-age book which ultimately reflects the lives of today’s teens across the world. No matter what teenagers do at school or at personal lives…but they crave for freedom and their own decision-making aspects. The novel is fun to read while peeping inside the lives of 5 normal yet extraordinaire characters. Their fight to remain abreast and humble impresses the readers to an extent of warm welcome.

Risha is a teen author herself – most of the events mentioned in the book seems like spiraling from her life. The characters in the book are totally relatable; the author has focused on their individual lives, rather on their parents or something else. I loved the characterization of Udit and Cayra and Ron. Amazing piece of literature by very young and promising author from India!

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