Book Review: Based on Lies – The Whole Story by Debarshi Kanjilal

I read tons of books. Probably 2 to 3 books per week. I have read every genre, most authors, but I always look out of new ones, especially in the psychological thriller genre. I like to experience new styles, give new writers a chance, but also for new ways of writing and ideas.

I don’t give shining reviews lightly but this is by far one of the best books I’ve read in a long time by an Indian author. It just sort of grabs you at the start and never lets you go.

The story concerns a highly mentally unstable person Anurag Sanyal. In the second part a smart doctor who also flirts with Aditi tries to find out the exact mental condition of Anurag but he fails or gets into something else. The book is segmented into two parts, diary and investigation. As the title itself claims, it is based on lies. Thus, don’t be surprised if you are dragged out of your fantasy world to some other reality.

I just could not believe that Anurag could be that guy with so much crime in his mind. I didn’t find him depressive but there was something eerie about him i.e. socially recluse or claustrophobic. There was some problem with him or he was in a Utopian society, whatever he liked, he did it, sex and rape and revenge.

With characters like Niharika, Aditi, Shubho, and Sindhu – I can certainly say that he got too much into with them. He lied or imagined whatever came to his thoughts, while reading I was twisting with mixed feelings like hate and shock and much more. This is one murky psychological book that creaks with menace at every new chapter.

That part of accident where I think Anurag dies upended all my reading tenure, I had to read that part thrice and still I am doubtful about any conclusion.

The diary felt very real and believable. It’s not cluttered with pointless side stories; it doesn’t have tons of descriptive nonsense. It can blow up your mind and impossible to put down, the characters are intoxicating, and the story compulsively addictive, keeps moving at a fast pace holding suspense and delivering twist after twist.

The author is a unique talent and I literally am counting down the days until his next is available.

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