Book Review: Heart Strings by Dr. Sushma Rani Sangam

There comes thousands of romance books in India every year, one by one, they all sound cliché in the genre. Finding a different yet likeable story for an ardent romance fan like me is indeed a tough proposition. But today I am going to expose a new self-published romance novel. The story is not regular; rather it narrates a powerful story of three hearts in simple language that conveys intense emotions, the strong lead character, ravishing unexpected twists and turns, overwhelming but a thrilling romance brewing in all hearts.

Heart Strings by Dr. Sushma Rani Sangam uses simple and fluid language; hence, it can be easily picked up by beginners as well as profound readers.

As a solo reader, I loved the confounding chaos and mystery it creates around its characters like father of Nitisha and her hero Pradyumna. I sighed in appreciation how suddenly the plot takes a completely different twist right in the middle of the book. A good part of the book creates this certain idea of the story and tricks the reader into complacency (the-I-have-already-figured-this-out-kind-of-confidence). And right in the middle of the book everything changes and the reader is left stunned and shocked at the brilliance of it. This was all possible because of the deep sense of love that Dr. Nitisha has had in her heart and later she smells rat and begins her action. I am in awe with her temerity and no-stupid attitude, she fights and bully people, because she was high in love with herself first.

Despite putting great efforts, I got to see a few random editing errors in snatches; otherwise the book is so perfect without any glaring or awkward errors. I can’t say much about a keen eye.

In the end, Heart Strings is a book that never fails to impress. It’s a power-packed story told in beautiful words that will make you want to believe in the power of love that will make you want to experience love first hand. With every single page managing to hold the reader’s attention, for sure it’s an amazing read.

The final verdict: yes, definitely go for it! Pick it up if you are looking for subtle and an unconventional romance. You don’t need to be a Durjoy Datta or Preeti Shenoy fan, to pick up this simple, effective, and yet a powerful story.

This novel has all the charms to restore your faith in love. The only person who could ignore this book is someone who averts romance read, else it’s book worth every penny.

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