Theme of Solipsism in the Novel Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang

Any fiction work involves conflict of interests; this aspect nudges the overall plot, make characters unique and interesting. However, at the same time, we got to see the characters quite closely because of other factors as well, that are mostly born out of conflict of interests, such as eccentricity, solipsism, egoism, and so on. Well, in this novel — Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang — we are going to see the aspects of solipsism in almost all the characters. Let’s peep into their traits.

The novel has not many characters but still all of them matters in shaping up the overall plot of the book. We see Pancham — the lead character, his mother and father. Prerna — a girl from neighbor. Vandit Ji — his guide cum the mysterious man. Not to forget singer group. Most of the conversation occurs between Pancham and Vanditji. Pancham is a CA final year student, he has failed in the exams and wrath of depression and frustration is causing havoc over him. So, he grows a bit eccentric and solipsism gets into his behavior, also he failed in the last year exam, not in other years. According to him students preparing for CA fail many a time, so what is wrong with him, if he failed first time. Also, failure is something new to him, thus he boastfully says:

‘I have failed for the first time in my life.’

‘No, that can’t be true,’ the smiling face replied.

‘Why do you keep smiling all the time? And for your information, I don’t lie’, I replied in frustration.

On the other hand, his father is CA — he cleared the exam in first attempt, thus he does not accept loser kind of attitude. Thus, when Pancham fails, his father can be seen and understood through the following excerpts:

‘I wasn’t able to share my views effectively as I was let down by Pancham’s result, and it disturbed me throughout the seminar,’ he replied to Prerna.

Prerna — the girl from neighbor — makes a short appearance in the novel. But she is found to have the maximum solipsism as compared to others:

‘Don’t worry, Uncle. He will make it next time. The result is only 8 percent for students appearing in both groups, and even the toppers fail to clear it first time.’ Prerna tried to turn out some praise for herself as she also cleared the exams in her first attempt.

‘When you cleared exams, pass percentage was only 6 percent. Winners don’t have excuses.’ Father responded to give her what she wanted.

If you read this novel, you may get more to know about the hidden traits like solipsism and all about the characters. However, these clashes make the novel riveting.

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