5 Reasons to Read Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang

Recently, I came across a novel which was not so lengthy but high on intensity, as it was basically teaching how to have your confidence boosted, but as delved deep I found some interesting findings from that. Down goes my list or reasons why I enjoyed reading it:

1. What is CA?

The book has in background CA — chartered accountant — runs like banter. The lead character Pancham is a CA final year student, his father is CA, the guru he met was a CA. So, CA is common in the book. But the plus side is that you can learn a lot about CA while reading this book.

2. Confidence Boosting Tips:

As the punch line says: ‘Miracles Can Happen Easily’. It is right. If you have the required confidence instilled, then you know how to pull up things while being confident, surely you won the battle half. The novel has been built around building confidence of students; however, other folks can too utilize its veracity.

3. Failure is not a Disaster:

Failure is a part of life and if you fail repetitively in your efforts in any field, read this book and you will have the knowledge as how to overcome the depression of it. The story of Vanditji and Pancham is inspiring.

4. Good for Preparing Exams:

Competitive exams are inseparable from the students. Be them from any faculty or stream, competitive exams have become an integral part of their lives. Without clearing, embarking on any guaranteed future is not possible. The author has put in special efforts on study strategies, though here it is for CA, but can be utilized for other streams too like MBA, GRE, GMAT, etc.

5. Lucid Writing:

Generally, people prefer self-help books for confidence and other things. And they are boring because of the formal language. This book/novel stands out when it comes to writing quality. Written in very simple way that you can read it three to four times in a week’s time. Efforts from the author are great…indeed.

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