Book Review: Beyond the Father (Gods on Trial: Book 1) by Opëshum Patroz

Sci-fi fantasy thrills me but if the premise is short with a single-goal focus and few characters along with a troop of robots, well then I often didn’t sing in. Sci-fi has to be, for me, obscure and chaotic with its grand worlds and settings. I love that convoluted plot with multiple entries of characters with a heady mix of intentions and latent motives. Like a brooding philosopher, I enjoy sifting the long cast of characters. It’s a challenging to keep them all alive in mind, trying harder to picture them in their actions and intentions. In the end, it is like brain storming but worth the fun.

I got hunch for the similar craze in Opëshum Patroz’s newly introduced first book in Gods on Trial Series: Beyond the Father. It’s terrific. What a maze of exciting intricacies and intrigues? The storyline follows the chaotic crumbling state of the Xżyber planet.

The world there is in confusion of its existence, choices, king’s rule, uprising, scarce resources, invasion, and felony to god’s obligation. A strange fascination of life after death is catching up in the air. People are obsessed and preparing for their Mollard future. Basically, the planet is shared by Mollards and Non-Mollards. In short, try to understand, Mollards are like robots made of metal with emotions, on the other hand Non-Mollards are normal human beings, consuming teal oil for sustenance. But the division is ruthless and heartless.

Vangora Rima (VR) is a soul repository where a dead person can be installed like his previous existence. It was scientific community’s intent for Xżyberians to adopt an electronic version shortly after birth. And Non-Mollards have a different say in the matter.

This was one side of the story that arrested my attention. On the other hand, the novel is more to its semblance. A lot of detailed description flits by. There is commotion – and it interests me. From labourers to a long cast of military generals to giving birth in a normal circumstances to the dilemma of King Thio – the novel creates a whirlwind of emotions and situations to jolt you in and out in the story.

This was done deliberately to create a world that is heading towards commotion and confusion. There needs to be an arrival of someone who could steer them, save them from internal movements, attacks from boundaries, and unite them against the deadly violent storms.

Is I am the only one that enjoys obscure chaotic sci-fi? Yes, throughout the reading I was drowning in the waves of chills and thrills. With its well-developed elements of mystery, thrill and adventure, I enjoyed this rollercoaster journey.

Author’s contemplative narrative style makes it a compact read and for that the author used more than one POV’s. It gives the book another delectable touch.

It’s a page-turner, fully engrossing book, but I feel it’s a bit long which made me a bit exhausted to keep up with the story…but that’s my challenge. Long elaborations make the pace lean just a little bit toward the slower side. But the journey was really magical! I would definitely read the next part as soon as it is out.

If you liked the review and are inquisitive about the novel, kindly pick up your copies from Amazon/Kindle.

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