Book Review: Arihant Resurrected by Shubhan Balvally

Ravishing! Brilliant! Engaging! This is my second book in the Arihant – the Android Robot series. I loved it more than the first part. Both parts are connected, so I am not going to discuss what I felt with the first book. I started reading this one with a fresh and unbiased mind. I felt being new to it, so does it to me.

I can say, this time, the version is longer and captivating. You will spend more time with the characters that you left midway in the first part. In the first part, I did not get much time with the robot Arihant, Anjali, the young girl, ACP Anand Rane, etc.

What’s inside? The novel opens up with some rats (terrorists) from Pakistan spreading terror in Mumbai, at the station, hotels, metro trains, and so on. But they are unsuccessful this time. The police are clueless as always. The terrorist are stopped and torn apart by some magical robot. News coverage shows it all. People believe it is ‘Arihant’ but he died in the last book.

As I delved deep, I found out the novel is about superiority with some robots like banter in the backdrop. It is Patriots vs. Traitors. Other than being a crime and adventure fiction, it also holds a political thriller glimpses. As the story unfolds more boldly, I saw some politicians supporting the Pakistan sponsored terrorists for their personal motifs. One villain guy is Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Jagan. As I read more, I got to know that he is the son of Madan Kalra, the guy who killed that scientist Ramanna in the first part.

Not much spoilers the names in the novel sound quite filmy like Suraj Singhania, Kalra and so on. The novel is packed with action and adventure. There is a lot of drama unfolds when some Laskhar outfit threatens to blow some metro of Mumbai. A lot of coding and efforts go to spoil their plans. However, it was again some magical robot that kills them and saves the people just on time. All throughout the novel a sense of adventure can be felt and it will keep the readers hooked right up till the last page. This time there is an advanced version of robots being used led by Suraj, the former assistant of the professor Ramanna. In fact there are many more people involved in the robot projects that want to save the nation from external attacks. Similarly, there are people involved with terror outfits. It was a bit bizarre to gulp down: DCM going to meet terrorist guys in POK. Anyway, the novel is a heady mix of crime, drama, old memories and adventure.

The team of patriots becomes replete with gusto when they call back retired ACP Anand Rane. They have to investigate the people siding with the terrorists. So after one point of time, it becomes evident as who is picking what side. Thus, the title is apt. Indeed Arihant has been resurrected to serve at a bigger level.

I have no qualms for the author. Like always, he writes with great energy and builds much part of the novel on his sheer yet queer imagination. The way he penned down this sequel, I am sure readers will ask for more…maybe there is a next part coming soon.

Show your support and grab your copy from Amazon.

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