Book Review: Vesela and the Vervum World by Mostyn Heilmannovsky

Vampire novels totally depend on captivating premises. If it’s something interesting, well then the rest of the novel is all about action and adventure and fun to read. This novel by Mostyn: Vesela and the Vervum World holds a beautiful premises initially, but later on it’s more of action and war sort of a fantasy novel.

It’s a long novel which promises a lot of adventure and action. The novel kicks off with a girl about to being born. She would be named as Vesela. She would be a special child for vampires, and other enigmatic creatures except humans. She is born in Europe. As she grows up, she befriends her goat.

One day she goes to the market with her father, there she gets attracted by colours of life in the form of commodities and toys and so on. Next day, she goes there once again but alone. She is being fooled by one lady and then kidnapped by merchants.

Here after, there is a constant buzz to acquire her. Vervum vampires are superior to others. They get air of the kidnapping. At any cost they head to the town to save the girl from the dark forces like Order of Blood and Order of Shadow. If the girl is taken by any of the Orders, then they not only capture human world but also pose a big threat to vampires as well.

The novel is about different and mysterious forces and creatures and worlds. At the middle of all worlds lie Vesela and her illuminating powers. She is the only person who could facilitate the empire to all worlds, Orders, Shadows, Vampires, and Humans. In fact vampires are superior ones, they have the power to teleport from one world to another…but again it depends on their clan. Higher the clan, more the powers!

But in the novel as it moves ahead and vampires try to save themselves from other forces, it’s depicted them not united. They have to unite each other to fight the dark forces. Rest of the novel is about saving that girl from dark forces and making preparations for the war in which the major obstacle is to get united everyone.

It’s a charming novel filled with a lot of vampire literature. The author has succeeded in creating a powerful yet riveting plot. I loved the classification of vampires and their clashes and idiosyncrasies. At times, I felt the things are repetitive; otherwise a good novel with unpredictable twists and turns. I liked it for its adventure and unique backdrops and creatures.

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