Book Review: Dear Mr Bachchan by Saurav Dutt

Slum and Bollywood is a lethal combination that sparks buzz. Just by reading the blurb, I was transported to that time when Slumdog Millionaire was my favourite movie. I loved the concept more than the implementation. I have huge fascination to watch or read about someone rising from rags to riches. This novel was bang on my expectations. As I thought out, it turned out exactly. 

The comparison between the movie Slumdog Millionaire and Mr Bachchan may not run for longer. One was the movie, based on a novel, and this one recently arrived on similar lines. I am aware both are way different but the grim portrayal of life in slums is common in both. In this story, the lead character is a twelve-year-old boy who wants to go higher in life by watching movies of his famous actor (idol) Amitabh Bachchan.

He finds Mr Bachchan so magical that he tries all routes to meet him. For instance, he writes letters, tries to grab attention during the Sunday meet-ups, but one day the opportunity comes knocking at his home when his uncle Abhishek is called to Mr Bachchan’s house to receive a letter of a loan waiver. The loan waiver and the sad situation of farmers in the country acts as a catalytic element in the novel.

Vikram is emotionally attached to Mr Bachchan. He feels sorry for him when his elder brother shames people on the sets of Mr Bachchan. The small boy cares for his idol – he wanted to know whether Mr Bachchan forgiven him or not. The first part is about finding the ways to connect with Mr Bachchan. Once that happens, in the second part, some events cause guilt in Vikram. Now he seeks forgiveness from his idol. The novel takes a drastic turn and wounds up and down with emotions.

It was filled with humour and heartbreak to notice how that child reacted and moved ahead in life after meeting his idol, Mr. Bachchan. If you want to know the inside story where a slum boy connects with Big B, please read it either on Kindle or in Paperback. And one thing is sure, you will not get bored, rather you will find yourself inspired and full of hope. It’s a great novel with so much to learn about life from the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan.

The story moves at a measured pace and nothing seemed carried out in haste. However, at times I got confused with the farmer events. I had trouble knowing whether that farmer guy Abhishek was from Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra. Full of quirky wit, heartbreak, hope, and high spirit, the novel is worth a read for the Bollywood and the Big B fans.

Book Review: They’ll Post Anything These Days by Kunal Sadana

An interesting book! I read such posts on Facebook quite often, and once there was a time when I would every alternate day express my grief, sorrow, voice, etc. on my timeline to get attention and response of the people in my ambience.  Well, posting anything on social media is like unloading the burden and saying one’s heart out. So, this book by Kunal Sadana is not a tough book but a collection of social posts of the author himself that he posted from 2008 to 2019. I loved all posts except a few ones that I found were going beyond my comprehension. This book is a fun in itself to read and note the posts to use on FB groups or WhatsApp status.

The author lamented and commented on many topics and events quite subtly – that ranged from national to international. Keeping so many posts collated for such a long time, is a great feat in the first place. I often go through this book many a time in the day to delve deep into a world of past events and memories. Some of the posts evoked my emotions, in fact I had the same feelings for some of the events, such as democracy, smoking, turning 30 in life and much more. Short and brilliant read!

This is for all:


“The world would be a better place with more travelers and less arrivers.”


“The fact that a lot of people don’t get what they want makes for great literature.”

Liked these snippets, buy the book from Amazon/Kindle.

Happy reading! Happy social media posting!

Book Review: A Dark Love Story by Shairoz K. Anwarali

This book has a lot of stuff like love affair, romance triangle, darkness, secrets, vampires and werewolves, teenage life, etc. The Length of the book is optimum, neither thick nor thin, around 240 pages. I had no difficulty finishing the novel. Even the cover page is good and it arouses some interest about the story. Well, but I think, the title could have been more interesting. This one is way too simple and gives the idea of the novel.

This year, or ever, this is not my first romance novel. I have been reading many up till now. However, this one is special because it mixes sizzling romance with intriguing darkness. It has to be when you mix love and vampire. The story features Ella, a young adult girl, with a not-so-likable past. She loses her mother and father is on the run. She completes her basic education at an orphanage. But even her dull past does not stop her from flying high and exploring more about life. On scholarship, she moves away to a new city and gets admission in a college.

Once she is in a college, a typical college student type life begins for her. However, I would like to tell you that she has some recurring nightmare. It haunts her! She may find more about that ahead. If you read the story, you will get the connection.

In the college, a handsome but mysterious boy named Parker follows her for his own peculiar reasons. One of the reasons is that she is like Suzie to him. But who is Suzie…that is another story.

There is one more guy, he too begins liking Ella. Now she is at the center, before a love triangle is formed. Ella and Parker see themselves falling in love though they take time to confront it. The author has done a wonderful job on sketching characters. I mean Ella and Parker are too young and we get to know the inside mechanism of their mind and heart. For much time, it remains like a typical college romance. But slowly…suspense is built. Ella smells rat with Parker. At one side, she is stuck in her own complications of life, for instance she happens to meet his long-gone father through a friend cum stepsister Lauren. On the other hand, Parker’s real face of vampire sends chill to her spine. Imagine a human girl falling for a vampire. Can she trust him for her life? Vampires are blood thirsty. Isn’t?

What will happen when they face the world? It is humans vs. vampire? What is the vampire and werewolves connection? In more than one way, this novel is way extraordinary for its genre: romance.

I did not feel the force of time while reading this novel, as it was a self-managed fast paced. The story becomes an obsession when one after other secrets is unfurled in a dramatic way. People comparing it with Twilight, I think, first they need to read this book. It is total Netflix/Amazon Prime material. Overall, after a long time, I was able to enjoy a romance novel thoroughly. Thanks to the author.

Book Review: Moments of Life by Benisha Nadar

‘Moments of Life’ by Benisha Nadar is a short poetry book, published by Blue Rose Publishers. I am not much into old or classic poetry, because I had to traverse through intriguing phrases and they use primitive vocabulary. But nowadays since the advent of Tumblr or Instagram and other social media platforms, it has become easy to read others thoughts and poetry-like work. To me, this book reminds me that. The book is about a story called life, written in poetry and prose form.

This is simple and relatable work. Probably the author has created a concept of poems to depict the fun and tragic moments of life. All in all, the book is about life. The initial poems up to jobs are good and instill a sense of mirth in readers. But as the book begins narrating events related to marriage, parent-child scuffle, generation gap, loneliness, death, etc…the book aims to cover the phases that bring sadness and loneliness.

The brilliance of the book is that it has covered all phases of life through poetic juice. For instance, ‘First Walk’, ‘Mom’s Sleepless Nights’, ‘School Memories’ are some simple yet effective poems that anyone would love to read and relate to. In simple words, the poems are about life. Every poem has a name and it’s a simple one. I loved the collection all the more, because no poem was lengthy, however the messages that they emanated are going to last for a longer time in my subconscious mind.

Since the book is short, I am not feeling like giving away too much. I am confident that this will suit all. And those who just come out of school or college or joined their first job may love this collection from the bottom of their heart. If the content of this book is promoted using hash tags like #poetsofinstagram, likely the author can get huge fan following.

Don’t ask what is my favourite poem in the collection? I would say that I have read the book thrice and often pick up any random poem to soothe up my mind.

The title and cover page of the book is way good and compliments each other. Benisha’s writing caliber in the stance of poet is well evident, I hope her next book is fiction. Well-written and well-edited, this book is readable on both formats, Kindle and Paperback. Lovely poems with a touch of realism. Highly recommended!

Book Review: WHAT AM I?: An Existential Conundrum by Anusha Krishnaswamy

WHAT AM I?: An Existential Conundrum by Anusha is a fine philosophy book that covers many astounding topics that are probably unknown to major mass of the world. However, the aim of the author is to circulate around true identity search – an intrinsic one, which is based on morality or conscience, not blinded by religions, social status, face value, and net worth, and so on.

While reading the book, I looked back into my life, introspected, and found that we, as humans, are collectively lost. The biggest loss is that we don’t know what our true identity is. How can we define ourselves? Therefore, this book presents philosophical theories/assumptions as what, in a true sense, defines an individual’s identity. The author, sort of, puts a debate while considering many topics into one.

Identity search is a deep concern. One needs to go back to the roots, consider science, spirituality, and conscience to get an answer. With many examples and some stories, the author tried hard to explain the difference between perceived and actual identity. The biggest take away from the book is, understanding the pattern of energy that fuels the world. This concept has been explained in detail with a picture of Yin Yang energy concept. It is two energies: male and female. The balance of these energies works in favour of achieving success and happiness and most importantly a morally fit conscience. Yes, I found out that identity is related to human conscience.

After considering a gamut of topics and issues, the book drills down to many points that define the conscience of a human being and how that conscience forms the identity. In addition, I also sighed in appreciation for the author’s work on negative energy and emotions. This was explained lucidly by considering Gate of Dependence and Gate of Destruction. Between these two lies the inner master i.e. conscience. Have I played too much around conscience? Maybe! But it wasn’t intentional. I mean the book’s scope is so wide that probably I cannot cover all topics, but if you carefully study and see you will discover that it drills down to one point: identity search.

There are twenty two chapters and each one sounds like a unique concept that more or less leads us to the identity search journey. Yes, I now believe that knowing about identity search is a long process and one needs to devote time and work on thought process.

Without getting too much in the book, I would say that Anusha shines as a philosopher. She has a subtle way of presenting things that we cannot think of in our day to day fast-paced mean life. She writes with a sense of peace and the book is lucid to read and understand. I am glad that the book isn’t happy like millions of other self-help or philosophy book. One must read if he or she harbours interest in life and the cosmos process.