Book Review: The Melody Lies in Between by By Meee

The Melody Lies in Between by By Meee is the heart wrenching yet heartwarming journey a reader can resonate with. It’s a short fast-paced poetry book with over 30 poems of various emotions spurting from the heart and life experiences of the poet. The feel of the book can be deemed as abstract and random; however, its words prick hearts pleasingly.

The reading feeling is fresh and unties emotions with almost no banality. The credit goes to free flowing, not-so-complicated, and even not so dark (except at times) nature of the collection. But in its sheer essence it captures the darkness under silhouettes in raw words a poet’s stance against the unjustified world.

My favourite and most relatable poem is Road Trip that revs up the memories of good days that one enjoyed with a close ally. Isn’t full of moments of sheer nostalgia? I have taken road trips on bike across the long routes. I know what it means to be on road, what we think before reaching the destination and a cascading of future planning gallops within our mind like a storm of blur imagination.

“I remember the future talk

Without knowing what we have caught

And by time we became more than ourselves

So those nights are pictures on the shelves.”

Just Words, Plus Minus, What If, and Anxiety are some poems that every poetry lover should go through and dive deep into art of reading nostalgic and heartwarming poems.

Each word is felt like an emotion ripping through the hearts of readers. Some long poems are cool and sounds like epitome of storytelling, with message and hope and aspirations – the magical touch of poetry is evident in them. I know that the poet penned down words and expressions care freely, yet it works in social media, no wonder.

If you enjoy candid poetic masterpiece this book is for you in all seasons. Buy it from Amazon/Kindle store.

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