Book Review: Flood of Blood 2 (Bloodhounds Rising) by Shubhan Balvally

With the Flood of Blood murder mystery series, the author Shubhan Balvally rocked the arena first with Noctambulism – a terrific novel about Bat Island massacre. Taking the story ahead in its second phase is the new murder mystery: Bloodhounds Rising. Those who have read the first book in the series (Noctambulism) will have a sense of familiarity and needs no background introduction. And even if you haven’t read the first novel, well the author has presented and explained the Pinto family tree and detectives of Bloodhounds Inc in clear light.

A delve into the story, it has been five years after the gruesome Bat Island massacre. Goa is peaceful with people and tourism and its state politics. However, soon one of the promising political leaders is murdered brutally at his home. Now the focus of the novel shifts to the working mechanism of the famous detective agency – Bloodhounds Inc – that investigated the Bat Island murder cases. It has familiar characters Melwyn, Anil, and Anita. As you chug ahead with the plotline you will have no difficulty knowing who is who and the controversial girl from Pinto family Samantha is with them.

Samantha’s character stands out in this book, as she was somehow connected to Bat Island massacre. How and why – you will discover post half the novel. Soon the curse on Pinto family comes back. After party two sons of Lazarus (Joachim and Mathew) are killed brutally, rather ripped apart. It’s a concern for the Pinto family as members are continuously dying while some are locked up in prison. The bad time of the Pinto family resurfaces after 5 peaceful years. But who is behind them and why…for what reason. Last time it was family wealth will and internal clashes of women and children. What now?

The police are again clueless. Bloodhounds are expanding. They hire Vincent – an excellent human being. Anita and they strike in love and get married. In this novel much focus has been given to Bloodhounds…as how they grow, hire, and their personal family matters and relationship with the Pinto family.

The fun of thrill never ebbs in this book. The way author paints the cultural and social elements of the Goan society is commendable. He goes deep, within the customs and cuisines and gives a feel that we are all the time there around forts and beaches. There are layers to the murder mystery. The way detectives unfold it, is filled with uninterrupted action and adventure. But more than action and adventure, skulduggery of killers will shock you to the core.

This novel draws in readers since its beginning. It has a spellbinding narration with credible sweeps over family brouhaha unlike the first part. If you are murder mystery fans, this should be on your TBR.

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