Book Review: Motherhood Made Easy (For the Indian motherhood) by Sharu Mukund

Realistic! Pragmatic and highly educating! Those who have been going to maternity centres and hospitals can absolutely relate with the context of the book. Becoming a mother is the world’s best happiness could ever occur to a woman, however, it comes with a cost. Women have to have patience, proactively careful, need to maintain perseverance, and love themselves. The book Motherhood Made Easy by Sharu is a great book in its stature. It has its direct audience: newly married women looking to go into pregnancy, new moms who have just delivered baby and looking for insights on caretaking of baby and themselves, to-be-new-moms will reckon this book nothing less than a treasure.

Written in lucid narration and spiraling from her personal experience, I could relate to the content at first read. Everything she explained is simple and uncomplicated. Sharu has two children, through C-section, right at the beginning she laid out tips on how to take care after C-section…like bathing and sleeping and eating tips.

The book rolls out in a particular step-by-step fashion. From what to eat to how to behave with husband and hospital stay experience to coping up with the new born. The book is such a fountain of information that I passed it to my friends and women in close neighborhood that are expecting babies sooner or later.

Pregnancy and delivery is not all about women, rather husbands need to co-operate for good health of baby and women. New born care tips chapter is something that I found highly useful. The content of the book is rich and it shows the knowledge level of Sharu in baby care, pregnancy, motherhood, etc.

I cannot give all the pointers from the book, also it is a short read. Better you pick it up and equip yourself with knowledge that will keep you abreast and risk-free in your pregnancy journey. Sharing some of the run-away tips from the book are as follow:

  • During post partum depression, affirmations work wonder
  • Have a good relationship with husband during the entire phase of pregnancy
  • Train your husband for basic chores and activities
  • Both needs care: baby and mother
  • Sleep when the baby is sleeping
  • C-section moms need extra care like no spicy food and much more…

Nowadays you will find a plenty of tips and methods on how to raise babies at mom bloggers space but there information is scattered even if you scoop out insights on pregnancy. This book works like magic, it accommodates all in one, doles out everything that you need in proper steps like a mentor. Kudos to Sharu for sharing experience that will help millions of women across the country. A book by Indian mom for Indian motherhood. Loved it! Keep it safe for your time.

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