Book Review: Awareness Journey by Selvan Srinivasan

Awareness Journey by Selvan Srinivasan is stunningly relevant and simple to grasp. Grabbed this book on Kindle when it’s available to download @ no cost. It’s a unique book as it is part audible also. Selvan introduces awareness journey modules through exercises, guidance, and knowledge via video and audio clips. I loved listening to him on an app to get lessons about energy movements and much more. The book lays emphasis on energy around the body such as internal energy, energy grid, and energy movements. Just as we have patterns in our clothing, similarly energy too has patterns if all is fine it is synced, if not it is disturbs us and brings illness, restlessness, madness, sickness.

So you could say that if you maintain the balance of energy that itself can be reckoned as awareness that brings wellness and keeps you happy by default.

If I have to sum up this book in a few important points, I would put the following foremost:

  • Illness to wellness
  • Restlessness to happiness
  • Energy balance for healing 

What’s in the book and what the duo Ayushi and her mentor Selvan is doing?

How the author did mentored the young woman named Aayushi in her awareness journey is narrated in the book. From the book, I got many takeaways and learnings from basic ones to secrets to body affecting tips; however, at the foremost I believe that if one improves his/her energy circle, rest of the battle is won easily. Indeed a nice book full of insights about trivial aspects that can change our lives for better results. Kudos to the author for his authenticity and honest work! For more updates about energy movements sets, you should subscribe the author on Sound Clap App and YouTube channel.

Looking to have your life changed by doing an awareness journey, kindly pick up your copy from Amazon or Kindle Store.

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