Book Review: Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer

I love queer sci-fi so I immediately knew that this was going to be a book I wanted to read non-stop. Plus, I really enjoy the sci-fi with relatable content with our world. Agent SHARP is ingrained in totally a different galaxy, cosmos, and time. However, I have a hunch the problems there aren’t so queer or different than we have in our world, especially in the Indian subcontinent.

The, in general storyline, is packed with militancy, military, espionage, and scientific experiments and more. The author’s love for combining thriller, fantasy, and science trends is overwhelmingly visible. The novel has layers and you got to understand that. Like what…ARF…genetics serum…mythological mystery pertaining to Humos, Yaags, and…on & on.

The lead character Saros is confounded by the government people of Intauro. They take him and test a genetic serum on him. He could have died like previous subjects but he survived and becomes a hero like figure – Agent SHARP.

Coming to the mainstream storyline, Saros is boosted by that serum so that he can work in collaboration with other agents to eliminate terror things from Ralakat terror outfit and their vile neighboring country Dintauro. Saros indulges into scores of questions and seeks clarity on everything that matters to the nation. The below excerpt is one such fine piece to understand the undertones of the novel along with him.  

“The news is ARF was formed just a couple of years after the partition. Unlike most organizations who flaunt their founding year in the About Us section, ARF had nothing. Ralakat was not that old though, the radical group was formed around eighteen years ago to scare away Dintauro’s enemies that included Intauro. It’s not clear what ARF was doing before Ralakat and why was its name ARF when there were no Ralakat.”

I fell in love with the imagery that was used throughout the story and it really makes you feel immersed. I was little confused initially but with time I tagged along the story and got over the all sorts of dilemma. I could conclude that when Saros and Kyani venture in the enemy territory for saving agents, the storyline vouches for Humos vs. Agent SHARP. However, it was quite interesting and once I got used to the places and backdrop it was easier to keep track with.

The cast of characters is short considering the expanse of the novel. Saros, Kyani and Dr Zeerat are reflected in and out. I enjoyed their journey from snowy mountainous regions to deep within the enemy borders. It is worth commendable to see how they each propel the story forward in their own ways with collective efforts, it was vibrant and had feelings of surreal adventure.

If you enjoyed the review and got curious about the novel, you may buy it from Amazon and Kindle.

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