Book Review – Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything by Sujal Sahu

Book Review – Only Thoughts: Philosophy of Everything by Sujal Sahu

I picked up this book on Kindle and challenged myself to read it in a week’s time. Done that! What is in the book and who it targets? It combines psychology and philosophy in one fusion that attempts to unload the stone hardened beliefs of our human mind and heart to that we are tethered for blind and invalid reasons.

I found this book strange and a bit weird; the author was focusing on exposing retards i.e. people that are waste on the earth and stop everything around them by giving relative, bullshit, and renovated retard philosophy. The book pinpoints the rudimentary cycle of knowledge and thoughts and social equality and doesn’t shy away from making a claim that most of the elemental aspects don’t make sense, they are invisible not absolute, people follow them like herds of animals.

I had tough time understanding the basic building blocks of everything laced in philosophy but it makes sense to me later on as I took this book for brooding.

Another thing is that it’s not a specific subject book but explores the string of philosophy that is invariably attached to all that we do and perceive. The book loudly argues society’s moral and ethical actions and sacrifices in the name of science and technology and greater good. Chapter 8 was my favourite, it depicts as how science gets retarded because of continuation of different fields of philosophy.

The only con of the book is its long sentences and it requires a proper editing. Otherwise rest is fine, have looking to actuate discussion on any subject with its philosophy in the backdrop you may have this book as your companion. Buy it from Amazon and Kindle Store

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