Book Review:  The Mystery of the Phoenix by Jigisha Singh

This book has everything to spark imagination. In fact the scaffold and the rudimentary story building blocks of the book are built on imagination. The book is about a little girl in a wizard school. She is learning magic, flying, naturopathy, and much more. But in the later part, it becomes evident that she and her friends are born gifted, identified with some unknown syndrome. They can hear what others can’t.

Overall, the story churns like a fairytale; it has got a fascinating world building of magical plants, flowers, creatures… and that magical phoenix and snake and mysteries related to them.Surprisingly, the mystery behind ruby on a snake, and a phoenix hiding in the dormitory is solved by Iris and her gang. The Mount Aden itself was enigmatic with its provinces of witches, elves, wizards, etc.

It’s an easy book to get into, with lots of twists and turns in the adventure as Iris meets with new friends along the way in a school session. The characters are short lived but well-built and likeable. This will be a fun fantasy, imaginative children’s book for middle-grade to kids to dive into. It’s a book that is definitely worth your time.

Jigisha Singh is a very young author. She has tender and malleable literary talent which she showcased on the Bribooks platform. She has already gathered hubris of fame on the website. She is participating in Young Author Fair conducted by Bribooks platform. Let’s support her by buying a copy of this book from Bribooks.

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