Book Review: Bloody Dreams by Gopinath Lakshmanan

Rajeev stepped forward with an expression of grudge towards her. He started shouting, “You bloody girl. Didn’t I make my stance pretty clear that you should never dance? My dad is a billionaire and he was waiting for a slave like you!”

From the above lines, you could guess what the book deals with. Misogyny, patriarchal pride, male dominion, etc… The novel ‘Bloody Dreams’ by Gopinath is an entertaining and breezy read. Some part of the novel is intense and goes on like a straight rant.

The story develops an insight psychic of a male character, from childhood to adulthood. Rajeev is the main character at both backdrops, in reality and in dream. He doesn’t value and respect women’s dreams, feelings…kind of a stoic guy. The author didn’t shy away from depicting a male heir or child in the family learns the ways of his father. Rajeev turned as arrogant and wily as his father to his mother Radha.

Divya is another nice readable character that helps Rajeev at both sides. Rajeev one night sleeps in a highly inebriated state. Only to rise as a woman named Rajee. I was holding my heart in throat as I keep reading to know how it happened and what will happen in the end. Divya identifies Rajeev as Rajee and helps her in the other world with a job of maid and other chores. The ways of god are benign and fierce with the souls, Rajeev experiences both. Rajeev turned into a girl – is it a bloody dream or some incredible work of god to teach him a lesson. From the palace of luxuries to the unfolding fate of Rajeev to Rajee, he realizes the deep struggle and the will to survive a woman has to undergo.

Same character playing both roles is a unique way of storytelling. Yet, the novel has no cast of feminism; however, its female overtone resonates with the overall plot.

The story could immediately strike a chord with you. It’s hard not to get attached to the story where an obstinate young man turned into an abandoned girl fending for herself and searching the vestiges of her old self. As the story advances, it sucks you into its ‘suspense’ tale. However, I found the second segment of the story most enjoyable and engaging. I fell in love with Rajee’s passion for life and her innumerable spirit of survival.

Fortunately, the story doesn’t falter. It has a straight graph yet unpredictable. The characters are admirable, replete with depth. The plot is not banal, and fast-paced. You can recommend this novel to men and women that are looking to have fresh perspectives on man-woman relationship.

If you liked the review and curious to read the novel, you may pick it up from Amazon/Kindle.

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