Book Review: The Settled Homeless by Rover V

In life at times some books hop in to gauge our intellectual depth. Those books are multi-layered with a rich tapestry of language flair. Entertainment and evident themes is the least that you could anticipate. However, once in a blue moon we should stumble upon that type of literature and push our limits unwittingly through the books.

I confess that ‘the Settled Homeless’ by Rover V (penname) challenged me with its unique tough-to-comprehend content painting the life of its lonely protagonist Ted. To be further upfront, I was taken by its title…the Settled Homeless…being a wanderer for most of my life, I could connect with it, but as I dived deep in the book I was cornered aside as the world of Ted was international. He was hopping countries like a rich traveler, and I being poor limited to Indian state aesthetics.

The novel has no specific genre, I tried guessing but to no avail. I was looking for substantial story part, where characters conflict of interests pose a greater curiosity for readers. The novel is plot less, it took me to the world of Ted. It showed how he struggled in India with reference to his family history, schooling, college, and money. The author shied away from putting the exact details, I am familiar that the lead guy was an Indian but where and how is not given. Rather in the second invisible narration of his life that mostly takes place abroad is clear. He did doctoral from the USA, have had close ally-like rapport with his mentors and professors. He moved to Germany, again gelled with a senile couple, copes up with cultural gaps, etc.

Not to mislead you anymore about the story front, Ted joins universities in the UK and Australia in the caliber of an elite professor. At one point of time, he was an eligible bachelor that led him to Nelly, an Indian student with chequered past and broken family history. Her case as similar as to Ted! He guides her like a genuine gentleman in charting out a career based abroad. Things worked! They live together during the Corona pandemic. Their love is as subtle as the themes in the novel. Isn’t it fantastic?

A shade of romance is visible in the lives of Ted and Nelly. Otherwise the novel mostly about Ted and his rich, paid and well-settled errands.

I would like to mention a few cons about the novel. First, many a time, I felt dragged, I found many activities and patterns of the characters repetitive. Secondly, the language sounded clearly British, as I am reading some UK author. I had difficulty connecting with the plotline. The narration is heavy for light readers!

You may buy the book from Amazon/Kindle.

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